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Dual Education

Still don't know where to go to high school? Are you looking for a high school where you can apply your knowledge in practice? Then you are in the right place. Because dual education is the basis for acquiring not only professional knowledge but also practical skills. This system has been operating in our company since 2017 in cooperation with the Slovak-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the name DualPro. In addition to applying your knowledge, after graduation you will receive not only a graduation certificate and an apprenticeship certificate, but also a Certificate of Professional Competence, which is valid throughout Europe!

Brose Slowakei Duales Studium Portal

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Brose Slowakei Duales Studium Portal

Mechanics and electronics is a combination of disciplines that Brose offers in its dual education program. You will get the opportunity to study both topics and at the same time a chance to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills directly into practice in the installation and maintenance of modern production equipment and systems. The department is focused on the education of future mechatronics and electricians.

In the future, you will be able to work independently in electromechanical and electrical equipment, or assemble electrical and electronic components to mechatronic systems. As a mechatronics engineer, you process production materials manually and with the help of machines. You assemble components made in this way into units. You can operate the devices you put into operation at the same time. Your activities include measurement, testing of components and systems, as well as programming of production equipment. You can study this subject on SOŠ Handlová.

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Application on Dual Education

Mechanic of machines and equipment

As a mechanic of machines and equipment, you operate modern production machines. At Brose, you will be needed in all production areas of the company, taking responsibility in particular for production and process tasks. Material flow control for production machines, quality assurance – these are some of the tasks for which you will be responsible as a mechanic of machines and equipment.

Setting up production machines, operating, regulating and supervising the production process, as well as maintenance and troubleshooting are part of your daily workload. In addition, you prepare the course of the work process, select appropriate methods and control tools, which you will then use. As part of quality assurance, you also take into account the principles of the environment and safety at work. You can study this subject at SOŠ Prievidza.

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Application on Dual Education

Partner schools

Unlike Slovakia, Germany has one of the lowest unemployment rates among young people in the EU. This is precisely due to the dual system of vocational education, which prepares students for future occupations directly in companies and according to the current needs of companies. Undoubtedly, the most important pillars of the system are in-house instructors.

For the student, they are not only a person who provides them with knowledge transformed into practical experience, but also a counselor and role model for them when they first enter the work environment. Therefore, they must have the appropriate knowledge and experience to work with young people. Its guarantee is a nationwide training and examination of instructors - Ausbildung der Ausbilder. Here, within the DUALpro projects for Slovak companies, SNOPK provides and certifies in an adapted form.

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