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Interview tips

Prepare for your job interview in the best possible way to achieve positive results.
Learn some important tips to be part of our team.

Don't wait no more and prepare yourself for your next interview!

Learn about Brose

Prepare yourself for the interview, entering our website you will found out the range of products we have, our history, values and our employees.
You will be able to know the benefits and job opportunities that we can offer.

Check which is the closest plant to your location and the social commitment we have with the people and our colleagues.

Brose Mexico - Carreras Conoce Equipo
Review the job posting

Once you have selected the vacancy to which you want to apply, be sure to review in detail the description of the position requested, it is very important to considerate that you must have the requisites requested, this means you should have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary for the position.

It is also important to consider whether the responsibilities and duties match your professional objectives.

Brose Mexico - Carreras Actividad equipo empleados
Update your resume

Depending on the job posting, review and update your resume to explain how your skills and experience are relevant to the specific position you are applying for.

Remember, your resume is our first impression of you, so take the time to make sure there are no mistakes or unnecesary information. Is very important to review by detail your application and check spelling and grammar.

We receive numerous requests every day, so try to make your resume stand out, make sure you show us why would you be the best candidate for the position and the reason you want to be part our of team.

Brose Mexico - Carreras Especialistas Laboratorio Ingenieros
Prepare for the interview

Practice for the interview, have a person with whom you can rehearse as if it were the interview.
It is very important that you practice your english if the position is requesting it, also remember to practice the way you structure your answers.

Remember to come to the interview with at least one question about the position and Brose as a Company, this shows us that you are really interested in being part of our team.

Brose Mexico - Carreras Ingenieria Mechanica Queretaro

It is very important that on the day of your interview you attend the appointment on time, remember to dress professionally.
Always answer the interview questions honestly, it is good to talk about your weaknesses or areas of improvement. Most importantly, don’t forget about body language, the purpose of the interview is to get to know you both personally and professionally.

Come prepared to tell us why you are the best person for the position and what sets you apart from other candidates to be part of Brose.

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