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Specialists and Technicians

Our Engineers and Technicians have the opportunity to see the implementation of new products, work with state-of-the-art technology, and take part in projects that define the direction of the automotive industry.

Contribute to Brose’s global success with your knowledge and work experience, you can develop your potential at the same time!

Brose Mexico - Carreras Ingeniera
Brose Mexico - Carreras Ingeniera


Our Engineers work daily in a global collaborative environment, not only within the Brose Group, but also with our customers and suppliers.

Teamwork and multidisciplinary work are the most important tools to be leaders in the industry. We guarantee quality by striving for maximum safety and comfort for our end users.

“At Brose I enjoy every day facing new challenges that require me to be at the forefront and to be prepared to solve them. My biggest challenge so far has been to belong to a multidisciplinary and international team and working together in the development of new projects.”
- Ignacio Contreras, Test Engineer

Brose Mexico - Carreras Ingeniera, Test Center, Queretaro

Success Story

Griselle Conde, Production Team Leader

Her experience and leadership have taken her to be leader of a multidiscilplinary team. Her strength is pushing herself to be a great leader at Brose and an ispiration to her team.

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Our Technicians are a key factor to the development of the plant. They specialize in operations, quality processes, and equipment maintenance.

They are responsible for solving day-to-day issues in the production area, and they know how to look for the best solution to the problems that are presented to them. Our production teams trust and depend on the decisions they make.

Brose Mexico - Carreras Especialistas Laboratorio Ingenieros

Success Story

Rodrigo Vázquez, Weld Tech (Welding Technician)

“The work environment is multicultural, distinguished by a human culture with activities of altruism and recreation enriching the working environment.”

Brose Mexico - Carreras Especialistas Ingenieros Mantenimiento