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Professional development

All Brose employees have the opportunity to grow in their career and their professional and personal education. We offer different opportunities and we fully support our employees in their personal development and professional growth, through a wide range of projects, from training programs for students, to professional training for Technical specialists, administrative and people with management potential.

Brose Mexico - Carreras Especialistas-ingenieros
Brose Mexico - Carreras Especialistas-ingenieros

On the job training

During your induction, your superior will elaborate a professional development plan that will allow you to expand not only your professional knowledge, but also your personal qualities. We have trainings in various forms (online training, courses attendance, internal training) in adittion you can also acquire new knowledge and experience within the scope of international projects involving Brose companies from different countries.

Trainings and programs at Brose: Language trainings, professional trainings for specific positions, Talent management program and leadership program, Development of management skills, free time courses (healthy lifestyle, pastry course, among others)

Brose Mexico - Carreras Entrenamiento Mexico

"Talent Circle"

"Talent Circle" is Brose's international training program. The objective of the project is to develop the management potential of talented employees. During this 18-month program, selected employees have the opportunity to visit seminars and workshops focused on management professionals and language skills (time management, leadership, innovation, team building, etc.).

Emphasis is also placed on international cooperation and project leadership. Each year, each division of Brose nominate a certain number of employees in the "Talent Circle" program, they must successfully pass a selection process to be admitted to the program.

Brose Mexico - Carreras Talentos Talent Circel