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Brose embarks on research project with Coburg University of Applied Sciences

Coburg, 2009-05-11

The automotive supplier Brose has embarked on a joint research project with the Coburg Automotive Technology Transfer Center (TAC).

Through this collaboration, the company will profit from the university’s expertise in the latest methods of chemical residue analysis. The university, in turn, will have the opportunity to use Brose’s powerful, state-of-the-art CT scanner for investigating selected problems. The findings are expected to go way beyond those obtainable with conventional residue analysis.

Dr. Peter Weidinger, head of materials research at Brose, sees a very high potential in this collaboration: “Franconia, with its automotive manu­facturers, is an important center of industry and scientific research. By cooperating in research, all the parties involved can benefit from synergy effects.” For Prof. Jürgen Krahl, spokesman for the TAC executive board and director of the fuel design department, collaboration with Brose holds numerous opportunities: “Our students will become familiar with the latest methods of analysis and measurement, and they will have an early chance to obtain practical experience on current topics.”

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