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Shanghai, China

Brose sets clear example in China for environmental protection

Brose China, Million Tree Projekt

Brose employees actively involved in building the “Brose forest”.

Shanghai, China, 2016-18-04

Brose China participated from 9 to 12 April in the “Million Tree Project” in Inner Mongolia as part of an environmental campaign organized by the “Shanghai Roots & Shoots” foundation. “Our aim is to draw attention to the program and encourage more people to get actively involved in environmentally friendly initiatives – even in their everyday lives,” stresses Xiang Jie, President of Brose China. “As one of the leading automotive suppliers, we help OEMs reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, for example with our cutting-edge lightweight design concepts. Although usually not visible to the driver, many of the features that enhance vehicle safety, comfort and efficiency are based on our products.”

Instead of business attire and office equipment, eight Brose employees put on workwear and used a shovel for four days to support the “Million Tree Project” by building the “Brose Forest”, which included 4,000 seedlings. The trees were planted to help stop desertification in the region. “I think it’s great to work for a family-owned company that so clearly demonstrates its commitment to China with projects like this. So I’m happy to volunteer for this work,” says Brose employee Xiao Zhihui, Project Manager Door System.

Chen Ting, who heads the “Million Tree Project”, greatly appreciates this cooperation. “Brose has shown true commitment to improving the environment by getting actively involved in our environmental program. We sincerely hope to see more socially responsibly companies like Brose join in our projects in the years to come.”

“Green” office: Brose headquarters in Shanghai

The tree planting project concluded a series of environmentally friendly measures that had been defined at the headquarters in Shanghai. “Shanghai Roots & Shoots” performed an “eco-office audit” with interviews and a site visit to determine the building’s annual energy consumption and carbon footprint. The results were then used to create proposals for actions that all employees can take in their daily work. The staff also attended a training course to promote the responsible use of resources. Eight Brose employees who participated in an “Eco Talent Contest” qualified to take part in the “Million Tree Project”.

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