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IAA Mobility 2021: Brose presents new drive concepts for micromobility

Brose at IAA 2021 e-bike

Brose offers a wide range of drives, displays and batteries for e-Bikes. With so many flexible combination options, Brose offers precision e-bike configuration – based on user requirements.

Coburg, 2021-29-07

The share of electrically powered two-wheelers is increasing in urban areas. Brose wants to take advantage of this trend. For e-bikes, the company has already established itself as a system supplier for drives, displays and batteries. Now the family-owned company is transferring its expertise from the automotive industry to other areas of micromobility. Brose is presenting new drive concepts for e-scooters and transport drones at the IAA Mobility in Munich.

Motorized two-wheelers are particularly widespread in Asia. Due to environmental and climate laws, the small vehicles with combustion engines are increasingly being replaced with electrified versions. “While 2.2 million battery-powered scooters, mopeds and motorcycles were sold in 2019, sales are expected to increase to over 16 million units by 2030. Brose wants to tap into this growth potential with a new drive for e-scooters,” says Raymond Mutz, Executive Vice President Drives of the Brose Group. The company already received its first order from one of the largest two-wheeler manufacturers in the world. Beginning in 2022 the supplier will manufacture the motor, vehicle control unit and power electronics in Pune/India.

The compact and lightweight system requires less package space, which has a positive impact on the scooter’s weight. This gives the vehicles an extended range and agile handling. Manufacturers also benefit from a cost-efficient product and have a much easier time expanding their market share thanks to competitive pricing. “In the future we also want to offer the electric drive for retrofitting existing vehicles. By the same token, we are working on software solutions for battery management,” Mutz explains.

Electric drives for drones

Transport drones are designed to distribute goods in urban areas, thereby relieving the burden on inner-city traffic. Forecasts indicate that it will be possible to deliver up to 80 percent of all packages worldwide using drones. For this growing segment Brose is working together with an international online retailer to develop an electric drive. One of the most important requirements: the drones must be able to cover distances of up to 20 kilometers. This requires an ultra-efficient electric motor with minimal power loss.

“The aviation industry has high safety standards – and these standards also apply to transport drones. Our knowledge of the automotive sector and the quality standards established there means that we are already able to meet these requirements today,” emphasizes Mutz. The first prototypes featuring Brose drives are scheduled to take off in 2021.

Brose is presenting its latest micromobility drive concepts at the IAA Mobility in Munich in Hall B1, Booth B60. Interested visitors can try out an e-bike equipped with the Brose drive on a test track in the Hofgarten at Odeonsplatz at Booth HG500.

Brose at IAA 2021 e-scooter

Motor with power electronics on the rear wheel, vehicle control unit on the handlebars – Brose products save space and ensure stable and agile handling of the e-scooter.

Brose at IAA drone

Transport drones achieve long ranges with the ultra-efficient electric motor from Brose. This makes them suitable for delivering packages and relieving the burden on inner-city traffic.