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Investments and services

Besides basic materials and finished components for production, our sourcing requirements include complex assembly lines, special machinery and test facilities, as well as tools for metal forming and plastic processing. In addition to innovative IT hardware and software, we are always on the lookout for efficient service providers in the areas of logistics, development and facility management.

Industrial facilities

Industrial facilities for manual, automated or high-automated assembly, special machines and testing machines.

Prefabrication systems
Pre-Production systems for the metalworking and plastics processing, surface finishing and coating technology. Machine tools and machining centers for mechanical and processing.

Supply of services and consulting services

Design services
Supporting services for mechanical and electrical development, design as well as calculation

Buildings / Facility Management
New buildings and reconstructions, design institutes, consultancy companies, maintenance buildings, cleaning, landscaping, winter service, purchase of energy (electricity, gas, central heating), furniture and CD-Articels

Information technologies

IT Infrastructure & Data Center
IT Data Center- Software, Network-/WAN-components, IT Cloud Service

Core Business IT
Core Business Applications (ERP, HR, EDI), IT Services, (Application Development)

IT Engineering
IT security, IT engineering software, IT- Shopfloor (software and hardware)

Workplace & Collaboration
Software and hardware for the workplace, software for collaboration, IT media equipment

Logistic services

Worldwide inbound and outbound freights (road, air and sea)


Stamping tools
Progressive die stamping and transfer tools for eccentric presses (press capacity 4,000 Kn up to 8,000 kN) for stripped steel coils (blank and hot dipped galvanized) and aluminum. Thickness from 0.6 mm up to 4.0 mm. Tool dimensions up to 3,500 mm x 1,200 mm x 600 mm. Tool weight max. 10 to.

Injection molds
Multiple moulds (2 to 48) with hot runner molding system (without a sprue) for injection molding machines with clamping forces up to 7,000 kN. Processing of technical plastics (e.g. PBT, POM, ...). Part weights from 2 grams up to 130 grams, volumes up to 5 million shots over livetime. Tool weight up to 13 to. Also used: multicomponent tools and stack tools.

Indirect material

Office suppliers, spare parts of production equipment, maintenance material and incidentals, office equipment, job safety equipment