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Brose at the IAA 2017: “Competence in Mechatronics”

Brose IAA 2017 Key Visual

At the 2017 International Motor Show Brose will present products for safer, more comfortable and more efficient driving.

Coburg, 08-18.2017

At the 2017 International Motor Show (IAA) automotive supplier Brose will offer insight into new products that help shape the transformation of the industry. In line with the theme “Competence in Mechatronics”, the family-owned company will present new approaches for flexible interiors and comfortable vehicle access. Brose offers electric motors and drive systems for use in vehicle electrical systems ranging from 12 to 810 volts.

The company will be exhibiting concepts for tomorrow’s vehicle access among other innovations. The central element is a drive that opens and closes side doors. It can also be offered as an optional feature. The drive opens doors automatically, for example after a vehicle unparks itself, thus creating an entirely new experience in comfort. Brose has consistently expanded its expertise in the combination of mechanical, electric and electronic systems to include sensor technology. In 2017 it is presenting a complete system with enhanced functions. It includes, among other features, a sensor in the door, which identifies obstacles when the door is opened and stops it before a collision occurs.

Reinterpreted vehicle interior

Developments in seats also make vehicle access more comfortable, as additional features such as adjustable side bolsters make entering easy. For automated driving the vehicle interior will dynamically adapt to changing usage situations. Brose will be exhibiting a complete interior of the future to demonstrate these developments. It can be configured in different driving modes to enable drivers and passengers to work, communicate or relax, for example. Rotating front seats with considerably longer adjustment tracks and folding rear seats make this flexibility possible. For the first time, Brose will also showcase adjustment technology that goes above and beyond the seat: the steering wheel disappears into the dashboard, for instance, and consoles and displays adapt to changing seating positions.

A modular system for all types of drives

As another focus of its exhibition booth, Brose will show motors and drives for steering, brakes, transmissions and engine cooling. Hybrids and fully electric vehicles can be especially challenging because they have higher operational voltages. A modular motor and electronics kit with standardized components enables Brose to meet a variety of electrical systems architecture requirements for all types of voltages – ranging from 12 to 810 volts. Applications include electrified auxiliary systems such as climate compressors. The electrical system only works when needed, making it more economical. It also increases driving comfort, for instance when the air conditioning system ensures that the car is at the desired temperature before passengers enter the vehicle.

Brose at the IAA: Hall 4, Booth D01/02

Brose Electric Climate Compressor at IAA 2017

The electric climate compressor by Brose only works when needed, making it more economical.

IAA 2017 Key Visual

At the 67th International Motor Show car markers and suppliers present their innovations true to the motto “Future Now”.

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