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Employee recruitment process

We recruit our employees very carefully. Primarily in order to ensure that every employee will be satisfied in their position, find their position fulfilling and have a close affinity to the culture at Brose. This is the only way for us to be sure that everyone will deliver their full work performance.

The course of the recruitment process very often depends on the position that one applies for.

Tips for the job interview and other formalities: Arrive on time for the job interview, be clean and well dressed so that you feel comfortable. Formal wear at work is required primarily for managerial positions or when one is regularly in contact with clients or partners. During the job interview, we greatly value when you are yourself and ask questions related to Brose and the position.

Choose a position and send us your résumé

If one of our currently open positions interests you, respond to it using the Respond button. A part of the answer is the attachment of a résumé and cover letter. After sending the application, you will receive an email confirmation from us, informing you that we have received your résumé and cover letter and we will inform you about further steps.

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Entry into the recruitment process

A human resource manager will read your résumé and consider the relevance of your work experience, education and personal prerequisites with respect to the requirements of the given position. If you meet the prerequisites and requirements, you will be invited to the first round of the job interview, either by telephone or email.

In the invitation, you will be informed about the time and place where you are to be present and with whom you will meet during the job interview. We will always inform you about the selection method, number of rounds and about the candidate requirements in the job interview invitation. In order to feel self-confident during the interview and to deliver a great performance, you may ask us anything that interests you

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First round of the selection process

The first meeting with candidates always takes place at Brose, most of the time with the HR manager and the manager of the respective department being present. The objective of this meeting is to learn more about each other. You will tell us more information about yourself, about your motivation, interests and previous experience, and we will provide more details about the given position, your potential superior and also about Brose CZ. Depending on the position and requirements, already the first round of the job interview may be conducted in English or German.

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Second round of the selection process

If the first meeting went well, a second round follows, where both sides clarify further necessary information; based on the position requirements, language and professional knowledge tests are conducted, and the candidate has the opportunity to meet the leader of the team or department. In certain cases, the second round takes place in the form of an Assessment Centre, where several candidates perform various tasks in teams as well as individually, at the end of which a single candidate or multiple candidates are selected for a final meeting.

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Acceptance of a work offer

If the candidate successfully passes the required selection process, they are presented with an offer from Brose CZ. In the event that the candidate accepts the offer, an employment contract is signed and various other formalities are taken care of to conclude the employment relationship.

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