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Metals – The main materials for Brose systems

Our door, window regulator and closure systems impress our customers with their precision, functionality and durability. We use only the best metals, metal components and assemblies in order to meet customers' expectations. In addition to strip steel and aluminum coils, we use prefabricated parts in our deep-drawing, stamping, die casting, welding and cold forming processes. High-strength and ultra-light steels in our front seats help us to set benchmarks for lightweight design.

Steel / Alu (Coils and Barrs)

CRC, HRC, HDG, Aluminum, Material thickness from 0,6 mm to 5,0 mm

Steel bar/bright steel
Material diameter from 7,3 mm to 15,3 mm


Tubes according to DIN EN 10305 / ASTM A513/A513M, cut to length, partially machined, outer diameter from 10 mm to 60 mm, inner diameter from 0,5 mm to 3 mm

Stamped and formed parts

Stamped parts
Part weights from 20 - 3.500 grams made off hot- or cold rolled material, galvanized or Aluminum with material thickness from 1,0 mm to 5,0 mm, ready-to-install, partially with thread, press studs or bushings; press nuts, in parts surface treated by painting, powder coating and galvanizing, required press force from 160 to up to 1.000 to

Fineblanking parts
Part weights up to 600 gram, material thickness from 1,0 mm to 7,0 mm, ready-to-install, partially hardened and coated, required press force from 250 to up to 1.000 to.

Deep drawn parts

Stamped- and deep drawn parts, partially made of hot-dip galvanized or high-strength material, with a part weight up to 2.500 grams, Material thickness from 0,6 mm to 2,0 mm, in parts surface treated by E-coating or powder coating, required press force up to 2.500 to

- Ready-to-install with press nuts and press studs.
- Secondary processes like MAG, WIG, Laser welding or clinching.

Welded assemblies

Assemblies containing of stamped and/or fineblanking parts and tubes, ready-to-install, e.g. with additional riveting and assembling scopes, Tube diameter from 10 mm to 35 mm, Grades according to DIN EN 10305 or ASTM A513/A513M

Die casting parts

Of aluminum, zinc and magnesium pre-finished, partly processed with low assembly works, weight from 10 grams up to 200 grams

Die Casting Housings
Aluminum Alloy, motor housings with precision-machining, ready for assembly, Net weight up to 500 gram

Electronic housing
Aluminum Alloy, Heat Sinks with tight tolerance requirements, ready for assembly, partially incl. insert parts, Net weight up to 250 g

Springs, wire-formed-parts

Compression-, tension-, torsion springs, wire diameter from 0,5 mm to 7,0 mm

Wire-formed parts
With material diameter from 0,5 mm to 8,0 mm, small stampings with material thickness from 0,25 mm to 1,5 mm, partially with assembling scopes

Gas Dampers

Diameter: 8/18 mm

Turned and gear parts

Turned parts
Made of steel, Diameter from 4,0 mm to 20 mm

Geared parts
Made of steel and brass, Diameter from 10 mm to 55 mm, hardened and / or as assembly

Steel spindles
Diameter from 5 mm to 25 mm, partially with assembling scopes

Motor Shafts
Made of steel, partly hardened and grinched, maschined, knurled


Single laminations or lamination stacks out of electrical steel, material thickness from 0.5 to 1.0 mm, with or without powder coating


Ball bearings from 22 mm to 32 mm outer diameter

Needle bearings

Thrust bearings

Cold forging parts

Fasteners made of steel, cold forged according to drawing, ready-to-install, galvanized or coated, Part weight from 1 gram to 260 gram

Powder metal parts

Part weight from 5 gram to 80 gram also with gear teeth


Sintered Hard Ferrite Magnets
Segment and block type magnets for electric motors (Br: 380 - 480 mT, HcJ: 250 - 380 kA/m), Net weight up to 100 g

Resin bonded Ferrite Magnets
Resin bonded sensor ring magnets for signaling and positioning in electric motors

Sintered NdFeB Magnets
Block type rare earth magnets without heavy rare earth content (Br: 1.25 – 1.45 T, HcJ: 1100 – 1600 kA/m), Net weight up to 20g

Resin Bonded NdFeB Magnets
Ring type resin bonded rare earth magnets without heavy rare earth content (Br: > 800 mT)

Surface treatment


Powder coating

Slide coating

Heat treatment

Galvanic coating