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Mechatronics – Sourcing requirements for our main speciality

Brose specialized for innovations in mechatronics. Our requirements range from cable harnesses and individual electrical and electronic components to complete electric motors. We set high standard and seek reliable, innovative, high-performance components for our products. Our specifications leave no margin for error. This is the only way we can ensure that our customers receive the quality they expect from Brose worldwide.

Electric motors

Permanently excited direct current motors, 12 Volt, with and without gear box


Integrated electronics with pressfit-technology for window regulator motors, door control units with CAN and LIN-Bus- interface, liftgate control unit sensor systems, power closing with integrated electronics

Integrated electronics for control (LIN or PWM) of commutated HVAC motors, integrated electronics for control of mechanic (ability range 150-300 W) and electronic (ability range 300-450 W) commutated Cooling Fan Modules

Wire Harness

Door and latch wire harnesses, length from 200 mm to 1000 mm, with specified connectors

Connection cable for Cooling Fan Modules, partially with overmolded leadframe

Connection cable for HVAC motors

Electronical Components

Active Components (Microcontroller, Driver ICs, Transceiver) and Passive Components in SMD and THT technology

Relays and PCB

Connectors and PINs

Housing and connectors for electronics in 1K or 2K, partly with over-molded leadframe

Pin and stamping parts with pressfit-technology


Commutator from 6 to 24 Section, Outside Diameter from 10 mm to 40 mm

Covered Copper Wire

Nominal Diameter 0,03 mm - 2,2 mm

Temperature Index 180 - 220 °C

Brush Cards

Some with radio interference, sensor electronics and connection cable

Carbon Brushes

For mechanical-commutated electric motors for automotive

Hybrid Components

Contact units, Function/Carrier housings and Resolvers with a variety of technologies such as 1K (Thermo- Duroplastic), 2K and Silicon injection molding, bonding-, welding and soldering techniques