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Adaptation of new employees

Were you hired and are keen to find out what work will be like upon entry? Mainly there’s nothing to fear; quite the contrary, you’ve got something to look forward to! Brose CZ want you to feel comfortable at work, so over your three-month adaptation process, we will provide you with maximum support and as much essential information as possible so that you would come in to the work process as quickly as possible and become familiar with your job.

Entering employment in Brose

Over the first three months (i.e. the trial period), you will undergo the so-called adaption process. What all does this involve?

- first training day = informational meeting during which you will find out the introductory and organizational information
- you will get to know your team of colleagues and your superiors very well
- you will learn how the entire company functions
- your immediate supervisor will acquaint you with your tasks and goals, and with the process of their measuring and how your overall work success is analyzed.
- you will receive an adaption plan of professional and personal development prepared precisely for you
- and all through the adaptation period, you will have a mentor available to turn to whenever regarding a question or if you need help with something

Arbeiten bei Brose - Altersvorsorge

First weeks at work

In the weeks following your hiring at Brose CZ, you will receive detailed information about your work and that of your colleagues with whom you will work. For you to achieve the best results in your job, we will assign you several blocks of training - e.g. occupational safety training, IT training or specialized courses (for work on a machine, technology, etc.).Training also includes e-learning courses for learning our company's products.

Brose Laufbahnen Fachkraft Qualifizierung 2014

Course and completion of the adaptation period

Over the course of the adaptation process, you will begin gradually submitting the results of your work; you will receive new tasks and engage in sharing important feedback mutually with your immediate supervisor. During this period, your immediate supervisor will also prepare a plan for your future personal and professional growth.

If after completing the adaptation process, you and your immediate supervisor are both satisfied, long-term aims and their measuring procedure will be marked out for you. This person will also set you up with an educational process (professional courses, language courses) for the coming period.

After completing adaptation, you will be able to meet and share feedback with your immediate supervisor mutually on a regular basis. An annual performance review is conducted, during which new aims will be adjusted and set for you and your team as needed.

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