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German Minister of Transport Scheuer and VDA President Mattes open vehicle doors with gestures and knocks

German Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (center) opens the driver door of the Brose Concept Car with a hand gesture. Kurt Sauernheimer, CEO of the Brose Group (second from left), shows him and VDA President Bernhard Mattes (second from right) how the technology works.

Frankfurt/Main, 09-19.2019

During their tour of this year’s International Motor Show (IAA) German Minister of Transport Scheuer and German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) President Mattes experienced for themselves the innovative strength of automotive supplier Brose. They opened the doors of the concept car on display there using gestures and knocks. A newly developed seat provided a brief moment of relaxation. It fully reclines in lounge mode. Leg rests and adjustable armrests adapt to the vehicle occupant’s build, a music-synced massage begins and the flow of air from the air conditioning system automatically adjusts to the new position.

These product ideas from Brose have already won over numerous customers, suppliers and other visitors. Over 2,000 interested guests have visited the supplier’s IAA exhibition area so far. On Wednesday, 18 September 2019, German Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer also experienced first-hand the company’s forward-thinking ideas. “I was incredibly impressed by the variety of Brose products relating to vehicle access, the interior and car sharing,” said Scheuer immediately following the tour, “including how the car will be able to communicate with me soon and how I will only need to perform a simple gesture to open the door.”

Brose is transforming vehicle boarding and travel into an unforgettable experience with the intelligent interaction between door and interior functions: even from a distance the vehicle can recognize and welcome the driver with a projection on the ground. Vehicle users simply gesture or knock to signal their desire to enter. The handle-free doors open automatically, while a radar sensor prevents collisions. Moreover, the second row of seats is completely electrified and can slide automatically when an occupant knocks three times to enable better access to the third row – all without making any compromises in terms of safety.

Brose has exhibits at this year’s IAA with new features that support the mobility trends of the future and are also environmentally friendly. “We are decreasing consumption while extending the range of electric vehicles by reducing weight and lowering air resistance. And we are increasing efficiency by electrifying auxiliary systems,” explained Kurt Sauernheimer, CEO of the Brose Group.

Brose’s IAA “Concept” exhibit showcases innovative ideas for new mobility trends like car sharing. Kurt Sauernheimer, CEO of the Brose Group (right), explains to German Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (center) and VDA President Bernhard Mattes (left) the possibilities afforded by image and video projections that Brose will soon be integrating directly into vehicle windows.