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FAQs Brose Fahrzeugteile - Meeting


Here you will find questions and answers about your application to Brose.

General FAQs

  • Which positions are currently vacant at Brose?

    You can find all vacancies on our website at .

  • How can I apply to Brose?

    Please use our online portal for your application. You will find access to this directly next to each job posting. If you do not find a suitable position, you are welcome to network with our recruiters on LinkedIn to get in touch with us and find out about career opportunities in our company. It is not possible to apply via postal mail or e-mail.

  • How do I know if a position is still vacant?

    We update our Karriere-Website regularly. As long as a job posting is published, you can apply.

  • From what date is a position available?

    If no starting date is specified for a position, it is usually to be filled immediately. Of course, taking into account periods of notice.

  • Can I apply for more than one job at the same time?

    In general, it is possible to apply for several vacant positions. We also always check your profile with regard to other job opportunities and locations. Please activate the visibility setting in your application form for this purpose. You are also welcome to refer to other positions of interest to you in your cover letter.

  • Which application documents are required?

    Your application should include a curriculum vitae in tabular form and optionally a cover letter and all relevant references. For us it is important that your application is descriptive and well structured.

  • In which file format can I upload the attachments for my online application?

    Please use only PDF format with a maximum size of 5 MB.

  • Which contact person can I mention in the cover letter?

    You will find the respective contact for a position with a picture directly with the job advertisement. You can address your cover letter to this contact person.

  • I have not yet received any feedback on my application. Where can I get information about the current status?

    You can check the current status of your application in your candidate profile. If you have already been waiting for a response for some time, you can contact us by e-mail at .

  • Can I update or change my documents after I have already submitted my online application?

    With the personal access data you have received, you can log into the online portal at any time and make changes to your profile.

  • I have forgotten my username and password. How do I get new access data?

    You can have your password reset directly via the online portal .

  • Can I cancel my application if I have decided otherwise in the meantime?

    Yes, our online portal gives you the option to withdraw your application.

  • Can I reapply for another position after receiving a rejection letter?

    In the application process, we will also consider other employment opportunities within our company. However, you are free to apply to us again at a later date.

  • How does the application process work?

    After you have submitted your application documents via our online form, you will immediately receive a confirmation of receipt by e-mail. We will then check your documents and send you an invitation to a video interview or a rejection letter as soon as possible. If you convince us in the first interview, we would like to get to know you even better in a personal interview. After this second interview, you will receive an acceptance or rejection letter from us.

    Depending on the type of entry, the application process may vary. For example, managers take part in a mandatory internal management audit before the second interview.

  • You didn't find the right information in our Q&A?

    Feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have about our application process or career opportunities at Brose. Feel free to send us an email at .

FAQs for students and graduates

  • What job opportunities does Brose offer for students and graduates?

    As a student, you can do internships, student jobs or thesis work at our German locations.

    If you have successfully finished your studies, we offer you opportunities for direct entry.

  • What requirements do I have to fulfill for a student job at Brose?

    You have ideally completed your basic studies or the first semesters of your studies. You have initial practical experience and demonstrate good academic performance. In addition, you should have a good German and English language skills, a secure handling of Microsoft Office and a goal-oriented and independent way of working.

  • How far in advance should I apply for a student job?

    In principle, you should apply three to four months before you plan to start. Of course, we will also try to find a position for you at short notice if necessary.

  • Can I start a student job at Brose even after I have finished my studies?

    No, our offer is exclusively directed at enrolled students for professional orientation during the study phase. Once you have finished your studies, you can apply for a entry position.

  • How much time do I plan for an internship at Brose?

    You should ideally have four to six months time for an internship.

  • Does Brose offer voluntary internships?

    We offer internships primarily for students whose study regulations include a mandatory internship semester. However, it is also possible to complete a voluntary internship during your studies or between your bachelor's and master's degree.

  • How many hours per week can I work as a working student at Brose?

    The preferred number of hours will be agreed with you individually. We generally offer a maximum weekly working time of 20 hours. During semester breaks, you can increase your working hours up to 40 hours per week.

  • Does Brose offer summer jobs?

    Yes, pupils and students have the opportunity to support us during the vacation periods. You will find more information under summer jobs .

  • Does Brose pay a housing subsidy?

    The housing cost allowance is included in our internship salary, so there is no separate allowance is paid.

FAQs for pupils

You can find all FAQs about our training here .