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Practical experience: Valuable insight

Whether technical or commercial: you will expand your knowledge gaining an indepth-insight into how things work at our international, family-owned company. We help you prepare for your later career – possibly at Brose.

Jobs for Students
Brose Karriere: Studenten

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Brose Karriere: Studenten

Brose Group

Brose is one of the five largest family-owned automotive suppliers. Every third new car worldwide is equipped with at least one Brose product. Including the joint venture Brose Sitech, the company employs 30000 people at around 70 locations in 24 countries. With numerous patent applications per year, Brose is one of Germany´s most innovative companies.

Further information on Brose Group

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Practical variety

Students can get a taste of real professional life during an internship. Full integration in our teams and projects gives you practical insight into what it’s like to work in an international environment. International internships are also available under certain conditions. We also offer you the option of completing your thesis here at Brose. Or get started as a working student with us.

Your qualifications

The most important prerequisite for an internship at Brose is a convincing overall package made up of great dedication, enthusiasm for automotive engineering and academic achievement. You are also a good communicator, a team player and have a sound command of German and English. And you’re flexible, open to change and willing to work hard. Sound like you? We look forward to receiving your complete application.

Brose Studenten vollwertige Integration Voraussetzungen 2014

Brose excellent Student Talents

We remain in close personal contact with high-achieving students even after their training ends as part of the BeST student development program. We support and accompany BeST participants by helping to guide their careers, organizing regular events and enabling them to continue working at our company. Many of our BeST students begin working in a permanent position at Brose after they graduate. Get in touch with your Brose BeST contact for more information about the BeST program.

Brose Studenten vollwertige Integration BeST Programm 2014

Interns experience the professional world up close

We offer both technical and commercial internships in various areas of the company. Ideal candidates will have already completed their first semesters of basic study. Initial practical experience, a high interest in technology and cars and academic achievement all play a decisive role in our selection process. A sound command of English and German is required. During your internship, a designated contact from your department will be assigned to you. And we offer you attractive conditions.

Fully integrated – right from the start

As an intern, you should be able to utilize your academic knowledge as effectively as possible. This is why we make you a full-fledged member of the team, involve you in projects and processes and assign you responsibility for challenging assignments. Depending on your operational area, you may take part in customer meetings, for example. You benefit from flexible working hours, modern office design and our in-house catering and sports programs.

Brose Studenten Praktikum voll integriert 2014

Plan enough time

For preliminary planning and preparation of your internship, you should send us your complete application (including information on the desired operational area, internship period and location) three to four months before you plan on beginning your internship. In order to form an in-depth impression of what work life is truly like, ideal candidates should schedule at least four to six months for the internship itself. Following this period, you will be able to take on your own assignments and work on projects independently. We will help you achieve this goal step by step. Regardless of your location.

Brose Studenten Praktikum genuegend Zeit einplanen 2014

National and international internships

We offer internships at our German locations in Coburg, Bamberg, Würzburg, Wuppertal and Berlin. The experience you gain here forms the ideal basis for a follow-on internship of at least five to six months at one of our international branch offices like Ostrava, Gothenburg or Detroit, for example. Depending on the country of deployment, we offer you help arranging a visa, finding an apartment and making travel arrangements.

Brose Studenten Praktikum Praktika In- und Ausland 2014

Fair compensation

We offer compensation of € 650 per month for internships and theses at our German locations. Students whose university or residence is over 60 kilometers (one-way) from their workplace receive an additional living allowance of € 200. Students taking part in an international internship will receive a regional-specific cost of living allowance.

Brose Studenten Praktikum Faire Verguetung 2014

Thesis support

Ideally, your internship or your working student job with us will provide you with a topic for your thesis. In some cases, we even assign Bachelor’s, Master’s and other degree program theses directly. You decide whether you wish to apply directly for one of our thesis topic openings. Or send us an speculative application outlining your desired topic.

Jobs for thesis candidates

Brose Studenten Abschlussarbeiten 2014

More than just a part-time job

As a working student at Brose you can achieve multiple goals at one go: finance your academic career and gain an insight into daily work at a global company. Moreover, you’ll make plenty of personal contacts that may help you later on in your career. At the same time, we benefit from your dedication and hard work. You can provide competent, professional assistance to our technical and commercial teams in day-to-day operations and work on exciting projects.

Starting requirements

In order to work as a student at one of our locations in Germany, you must be currently enrolled at a university. You can work with us both during the semester – a minimum of eight and a maximum of 20 hours a week – and during the semester break. Here, the maximum number of weekly hours is 40. Apply for one of our current working student job vacancies or send a speculative application here. Remember to include your desired area of interest and Brose location in Germany.

Brose Studenten Werksstudenten Startvoraussetzungen 2014

Dual-track studies program

In cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), you have the option of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Science in select degree programs as part of a practical dual-track training program with Brose. Or opt for a course of study in one of two areas of specialization offering in-depth practical experience as part of our cooperation with the German state of Bavaria and the Coburg University of Applied Sciences. Whatever you decide: the dual-track training program is an outstanding way to link extensive practical experience with an academic career path.

Further information on the Dual-track studies program

Brose Studenten Duales Hochschulstudium 2014