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Girls Day at Brose: Around 100 schoolgirls experience technology first hand

Impressions of Girls' Day 2009 at Brose

Coburg, 03-16-2010

More than 100 girls from the 8th and 9th grades will be able to experience how interesting and exciting technology can be at various Brose locations on April 22. On the occasion of the national Girls' Day, the Brose training centers in Coburg, Hallstadt, Würzburg, Wuppertal and Berlin will give young girls the opportunity to find out more about the five apprenticeships programs, namely mechatronics technician, toolmaker, IT specialist, technical product designer and electronics technician for automation technology. Small projects will provide them with hands-on experience in the relevant profession. In addition to the insight provided in the various technical professions, Brose trainers and apprentices will be available to give the girls useful tips on career guidance and job applications.

Brose Coburg has always participated in this campaign, which takes place this year for the eighth time. In 2010, the company will organize the regional opening event and is planning an informative, exciting and entertaining supporting program. "We have already held a workshop with our female apprentices for this purpose. They will be actively involved in the design of the event," says Michael Stammberger, Manager Apprenticeship and Training Brose Group and emphasizes the great importance of this initiative: "Many companies and also Brose are facing an increasing shortage of female junior staff in these technical professions. We hope to be able to raise the number of female applicants further with this initiative." The proportion of women doing an apprenticeship at Brose is already over 20 percent. Girls’ Day has had a positive influence on this development: over the past three years, six female school graduates have been recruited for the dual-track apprenticeship program as a result of their good experience during Girls‘ Day.

"Some of these girls originally wanted to do something completely different. They discovered their interest in technology as a result of their day at Brose," says Stammberger. He also emphasized the fact that there will be further measures to follow such activities such as Girls' Day. For instance, Brose already has a "Girls for Technology Camp" and organizes days showing technical careers for the future. Linda Löffler, development engineer at Brose, was one of the participants of Girls' Day several years ago. She has meanwhile graduated top of the class in her engineering studies at a university of cooperative education. Today, she works in the department for “New Product Development” as a design engineer and is currently involved in getting the Variostop® door check ready for series production. “I have always been fascinated by technology and science,” she says. “At school I was particularly good at math, chemistry and physics. That’s why I was involved in a project group, visited the Girls for Technology Camp and got information on different courses of study by attending a taster session,” explains Löffler.

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