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Girls Day at Brose: around 100 schoolgirls experience technology first hand

Impressions of the Girl´s Day 2010 at Brose.

Coburg/Hallstadt/Würzburg/Wuppertal/Berlin, 04-22-2010

Around 100 girls from the 8th and 9th grade experience how interesting and exciting technology can be at this year’s “Girls’ Day” at Brose's training centers in Coburg, Hallstadt, Würzburg, Wuppertal and Berlin. 76 schoolgirls alone are visiting the three Franconian centers Coburg (35), Hallstadt (15) and Würzburg (26), to learn about technical professions and the various career
opportunities at home and abroad. A further 20 young girls are spending a day at Brose in Berlin and 6 more in Wuppertal.

The young women gain an insight into technical job areas, which girls seldom consider when choosing a career: They can test their technical skills, their problem-solving ability and their
understanding of technical contexts during practical exercises under the guidance and supervision of trainees.

They find out about such professions as technical product designer, mechatronics engineer, machine tool technician, IT specialist and electronics technician for automation technology.
Four of these careers are possible in Coburg, three in Würzburg and one each in Hallstadt, Wuppertal and Berlin. In addition, the trainers advise them regarding their professional orientation.

This is the seventh time that the Brose Group has taken part in this nationwide project. “Events like these are very helpful for school girls. These demanding jobs are not solely for men. We hope
this project will lead to a further increase in the share of female applicants for Brose”, says Brose's head of apprentice training Michael Stammberg.

The proportion of women doing an apprenticeship at Brose is already over 20 percent. The Girls’ Day has had a positive influence on this development: over the past three years, six female school graduates were recruited for the trainee program as a result of their good experience during
Girls‘ Day. “Some of these girls originally wanted to do something completely different. They discovered their interest in technology as a result of this day of activities,” adds Stammberger.

Brose also participates in the “Girls for Technology Camp” and organizes days showing technical careers for the future. Linda Löffler took advantage of one of these opportunities. She
graduated top of the class in her part-time engineering studies last September[P1] . Today she works in the department for “New Product Development” as a design engineer and is currently working on getting Variostop®, the mechanical infinite door check, ready for series production.

“I have always been fascinated by technology and science,” she says. “At school I was particularly good at maths, chemistry and physics. That’s why I was involved in a project group, visited a technical camp and got information on different courses of study by attending a taster session,” explains Löffler.

At the moment, there are 41 young girls learning a technical profession within the Brose Group – happily, this number is increasing from year to year.

Currently there are two trainee vacancies available for a part-time university course in Coburg (Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science) in the disciplines mechanical engineering (1), information systems (1). Interested parties can now apply for the next training program, starting October 1, 2010.

The Brose Group is currently training around 230 young people in eight commercial and industrial professions as well as four degree courses in part-time study[P2] at the group’s German plants.

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