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Bavarian Minister Haderthauer visits the Brose Kids Club

Bavarian Minister for Family Affairs, Christine Haderthauer (left) and Chairman of the Brose Group, Michael Stoschek (3rd f. l.) listen to children from the Kids’ Club explain the experiments they recently conducted.

Coburg, 07-06-2011

Bavaria's Minister for Social Affairs, Christine Haderthauer, visited the international automotive supplier to see the work of its in-house childcare and educational facility for herself. This visit was a very special honor for the Kids’ Club. As part of the ”Corporate-Social-Responsibility-Days” organized by her ministry, Haderthauer only visited three projects throughout Bavaria that are “particularly successful examples for corporate social responsibility,” according the the minister. Moreover, Brose was the only family-owned company on her tour agenda.

Michael Stoschek: Social commitment goes without saying at Brose

The Chairman of the Brose Group, Michael Stoschek, was especially pleased with the visit. “As a family-owned company in particular, social commitment is a matter of course for us,” he said and added that solidarity is very deeply rooted in family-run businesses. “This became evident during the economic crisis, when everybody - from the shareholders to the executive vice-presidents to the employees - did their utmost to help overcome these difficult times,” explained Stoschek. It’s no coincidence that the Kids’ Club is located in his family home. “My mother would have been pleased to see her house as a place where employees’ children receive education and care,” Stoschek recounted.

Christine Haderthauer: Kids Club fulfills community task

Christine Haderthauer appreciated the company's commitment. “Your work here is really a community responsibility” - for the minister a true model for the future: “The only way for us to continue our role as a leading industrial location is to ensure that government and business work together to jointly promote and enhance employee productivity. This automotive supplier realizes this and is offering its employees first-rate services spanning from childcare and support for employees nursing dependents at home, to a staff and family counseling service that helps employees manage all types of issues.

Dorthea Schaufler, Manager Brose Kids Club, and Manfred Seeman, Director Employee and Family Services, provided an overview of the Kids’ Club’s day-to-day operations with a tour of the building. As part of the activities organized by the children’s and youth academy, the kids demonstrated their Italian counting skills playing "Il gioco della sedia", a musical chairs game. Then, the children proudly presented the knowledge they had just gained in the course “Experiments with eggs” offered by the afternoon club. Looking out into the Brose Kids’ Club’s expansive garden, the playground and the little pool, the politician even became a bit nostalgic upon her departure: “When I was I child, I would have loved to have a swimming pool like this one.”

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