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PSA Peugeot Citroen confers Key Supplier status on Brose

Jean Baptiste Formery, Einkaufsleiter Karosserieteile von PSA Peugeot Citroën übergibt in Paris die Auszeichnung „Bevorzugter Lieferant“ an Brose Geschäftsführer Kurt Sauernheimer. Im Bild v.l.: Cédric Combemorel (PSA, Konzeption Interieur), Kurt Sauernheimer (Brose Geschäftsführer Türsysteme) Jean-Baptiste Formery (PSA, Einkaufsleiter Karosserieteile) Jean-Jacques Martin
(Leiter Brose Frankreich), Patrick Rousseau (PSA, Teamleiter Einkauf), Julien Curtal (PSA, Einkauf).

Paris, 03-24-2012

At an exclusive award ceremony at the Brose site in Paris, PSA Peugeot Citroën presented the Brose Group with a Key Supplier award (“Fournisseur Majeur”) for window regulators.

PSA awards this title to suppliers that demonstrate excellence in meeting the criteria of operational efficiency, progress, responsible growth and international support, and maintain a sustainable global relationship with PSA.
The French car manufacturer intends to present the award to a total of 100 partners in its selected circle of suppliers by 2015. Brose is the 25th supplier to receive the title.

Jean Baptiste Formery, who is in charge of procurement for car body parts at PSA, said during the award ceremony, “The Brose Group – as a family-owned company – is an outstanding example for our Key Supplier category. The company is known for its competence in development and technology. With its stable ownership structure, Brose is a sustainable and significant global player. Its outstanding industrial performance, its compliance with all our criteria, and shared values have earned Brose the title of Key Supplier.” In his speech, Formery also highlighted Brose’s innovative strength and research and development competence, which helps PSA “meet the expectations of our premium clients”.

Formery presented the certificate to Brose Executive Vice President Kurt Sauernheimer (Door Systems), emphasizing the fact that, “This title underscores the excellent performance of your company and reflects your efforts and your commitment in the area of global support.”

Kurt Sauernheimer gave a speech summarizing the milestones of the partnership between Brose and PSA Peugeot Citroën, which stretches back over 20 years: “We are very proud to be counted one of your key suppliers and, on behalf of the entire Brose Group, I would like to thank you for this award. This distinction of key supplier status is an incentive for us to keep improving our services."

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