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Brose at Auto Shanghai 2015: "Competence for tomorrows mobility"

  • April 20-29, 2015; 5BE301, Hall 5.2
Brose Shanghai Auto Show 2015
Shanghai, 04-13-2015

One in every four cars worldwide is made in China, and one in every three cars globally is equipped with Brose products. "Competence for tomorrow’s mobility" is the Brose theme for Auto Shanghai 2015, where the company will be presenting a selection of its latest product innovations for doors, liftgates, seats and electric drives. Leveraging its global expertise, the international mechatronic specialist will be demonstrating its integrated systems solution, strong local customer support and innovations in comfort, safety and efficiency that are tailored for tomorrow’s vehicles in China.

Integrated systems solution

Brose offers a comprehensive product portfolio, from single components to entire system units – all with customized design options. This builds on the company’s technical strength in global platform design and process standardization, ensuring the most time-saving, cost-efficient and quality improvement solutions for customers. The Brose booth will showcase door modules and seat structures with flexible integration possibilities along with a complete family of motors that spans the entire range of performance.

Strong local customer support

Brose’s ability to transfer its global know-how to effectively address local demand is the foundation of the company’s success in the Chinese automotive market. The result is highly developed in-house expertise in engineering and production, which helps optimize the cost structure for its range of products. The company’s manufacturing footprint in eleven Chinese locations further enhances competitiveness by offering fast, effective support to local customers. Developed, designed and produced in China, the door systems products will highlight Brose’s local expertise as one of the car show’s most representative exhibits.

Innovation in comfort, safety and efficiency

The mechatronic specialist will highlight its innovative approach to enhancing the comfort, safety and efficiency features of modern vehicles. By applying electrification and sensor technology to its door systems, window regulators and seat structures, Brose enhances intelligent car control and comfort features for end users, while at the same time reducing potential injury risks. Integrating electronics and using new materials helped Brose optimize the compact form factor of single components and reduce the total weight of the end product. This also brings the benefits of costsavings while maintaining current output, not to mention optimized fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

Brose will hold a press talk on April 21 at its booth: 5BE301, Hall 5.2 at the Auto Shanghai 2015 exhibition, where media partners and Brose thought leaders will have the opportunity to exchange opinions on relevant topics.

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