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Brose showcases technology from Franconia at the world’s largest bicycle show, Eurobike

Brose e-Bike Antrieb Schnittbild (Eurobike 2016)
Coburg/Friedrichshafen, 09-09-2016

Brose is quite satisfied with the outcome of the Eurobike event. Around 8,000 visitors and journalists stopped by the Brose exhibition stand to learn more about the e-bike system developed by the mechatronics specialist from Coburg. The new electric motor featuring pedal assistance up to 45 km/h sparked a great deal of interest, as did the Visionsbike, a pioneering bicycle design study with an integrated drive and power comfort features.

E-bikes were the dominating theme of the world’s largest bicycle show. Brose showcased its solutions for the upcoming model year. "More and more people are interested in e-mobility and enjoying the outdoors on an e-bike. Our innovations help us support and profit from this growing trend. The products were met with a positive response from manufacturers, dealers and visitors," commented Reinhard Kretschmer, Executive Vice President Drives Brose Group.

Expertise from development departments in Coburg, Bamberg, Würzburg

Brose designed the drive system based on a motor that has been tried and tested a million times over in the automotive industry and is developed and produced in Würzburg. These insights from automotive applications resulted in a particularly quiet and dynamic drive. Employees from the remaining Franconian locations were also involved in developing the e-bike drive: know-how from Coburg helped build the drive unit that efficiently transfers motor power to the wheels. Electronics Development, located in Bamberg, helped develop the motor control hardware and software.

The Brose drive features 250 watts of power yet weighs less than 3.5 kilograms. Starting this year pedal assistance of up to 45 km/h is also available. This makes e-bikes significantly more appealing to commuters: they offer people who travel a distance of 20 to 30 kilometers to work daily an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to other forms of transportation.

Compact Brose technology opens up new possibilities for bicycle design

New models from leading bicycle brands featuring Brose drives were on show in Friedrichshafen. They demonstrated the wide range of applications for Brose e-bike motors – from stylish city bikes to sporty downhill mountain bikes.

"Brose has specialized in integrating both the drive and battery into the bicycle frame in an elegant, discreet way. Our customized solutions offer manufacturers considerably more freedom in their designs. Handling also receives a boost from the compact form factor. Thanks to the Brose system, e-bikes are no longer immediately recognizable as such," emphasized Kretschmer.

The company also introduced its displays with built-in navigation features, which are designed to make biking easier in urban areas. In addition, it is possible to connect the devices with smartphones via Bluetooth. Incoming calls or text messages are shown on the display.

Visionsbike with power features

The Brose Visionsbike offers a look at what lies ahead in the world of technology with its futuristic design. The design study was created in collaboration with renowned designer Murat Günak. In addition to the drive, the cycle also features power seat and handlebar adjustment.

Individual settings of the handlebars and the saddle can be saved and accessed at any time – just like seat systems in cars. If required, specific cycling profiles can be programmed, for example, a comfortable ride for a city tour and sporty for outdoor terrain. The study shows how completely new concepts using intelligent drive and adjustment systems can be implemented in bicycle design.

Brose sees the increasing electrification as an opportunity to transfer its development and production expertise from the automotive industry to help shape the future of the bicycle sector and wants to encourage manufacturers to co-develop new safety and comfort features.

Further information is available at . The Flemish Cap in Bamberg ( ) is a dealer specializing in bikes that feature the Brose e-bike system.

About Brose e-bike drives

Brose offers mid-motors for electric bikes that draw on its many years of experience as a market leader in electric drives and motors in the automotive industry. Based on its steering motor for cars, which has been produced millions of times over, Brose engineers have developed a new kind of drive concept for electric bikes that can be completely integrated into the bicycle frame. Typical cycling properties remain unchanged; the pedal assist function is quiet and vibration-free. Moreover, Brose produces its e-bike motors exclusively in Germany.

Brose e-Bike Messestand (Eurobike 2016)

Great interest: around 8,000 people visited the Brose stand at the Eurobike show to learn about the company’s latest developments.

Brose e-Bike Visionsbike (Eurobike 2016)

The Brose Visionsbike has a fully integrated drive and power comfort features to ensure optimal adjustment of seat and handlebar positions.

Brose e-Bike integrierte Antrieb Visionsbike (Eurobike 2016)

The motor unit used in the Brose design study.

Brose e-Bike Specialized Rad mit integriertem Antrieb (Eurobike 2016)

The compact Brose drive can be integrated into the bicycle frame in an elegant, discreet way.