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Brose celebrates two million e-bike drives

The two millionth drive was proudly presented at the “Ride & Feel” customer event in Berlin at the end of February.

Berlin, 03-31-2023

Brose's e-bike division reached a significant milestone at the end of February: the supplier produced its two millionth e-bike drive at its site in Berlin. The Brose Drive System consisting of drive, battery, display and app offers a very harmonious riding experience. Brose works according to established automotive industry standards, from which manufacturers and users alike benefit. In the summer, the family-owned company will present its new e-bike system with the latest generation of drives at Eurobike 2023.

David Kaminski, Head of Sales of the Micromobility Product Division at Brose, announced the success at the Ride & Feel customer event in Berlin at the end of February. It took us almost seven years to produce the first million e-bike drives after our founding in 2014. We have now achieved the second just two years later. This shows how much the industry trusts in our products, Kaminski was pleased to say. In addition, there are two other reasons. Firstly, the trend towards e-bikes among consumers continues unbroken. Secondly, we offer a natural riding experience with our products and thus meet the requirements of customers. Production is exclusively Made in Germany with around 89 percent of the components used coming from the European Union.

Brose wants to tie in with its existing success with new and innovative generations of motors. At the Ride & Feel event, manufacturers and dealers were able to experience in advance what Brose will be presenting in early summer at Eurobike 2023 in Frankfurt under the motto Brose like never before. The two new drives are technically significantly different from the previous members of the Brose drive family. One of the mid-mounted motors focuses on more performance despite its more compact dimensions, while the other's continuously variable automatic transmission allows new design freedom for bicycle manufacturers and shift-free riding pleasure for end customers.

The Brose team is delighted with the great success.