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Salou, Spain

Brose Motorsport: Catalunya Rally

Salou, Spain , 10-27-2019

The Rally World Championship race was held in Spain from October 25 to 27. 36 teams with historic cars from throughout Europe were invited by the Spanish organizers to present their vehicles on the rally’s routes.

Michael Stoschek (Coburg) and Dieter Hawranke (Kassel) took part in a 1975 Renault Alpine A 110. Weighing just 900 kg, it has a 4-cylinder, 1.9-liter engine and achieves 156 hp.

The historic rally cars from all this sport’s major epochs, alongside the vehicles in the Rally World Championship, inspired the thousands of fans from all over Europe on their demonstration runs over cordoned-off roads. They completed six trials over 97 km and 256 km of connecting stages over two days.

The event’s highlight was a 2.24-km show trial along the promenade in Salou, where tens of thousands of spectators lined the route behind the barriers in beautiful sunshine and temperatures of 25 degrees.

The Renault Alpine completed the event’s long route without any problems and the Brose team was presented with a plaque as a memento on the finishing ramp to the applause from the crowd.

Michael Stoschek masterfully steered the car over the challenging trials in the world championship race.

There were many fans of the Renault Alpine among the spectators.

Ronny Amm and Rüdiger Walz servicing the car.