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Meet and greet with Christian Engelhart

Coburg, 10-09-2019

Was it the Lamborghini? The charisma of the guy? Or the insights into professional racing? There were many good reasons to take part in the meet and greet with pilot Christian Engelhart. Around 130 employees attended the event with the driver whom Brose sponsors on Wednesday, October 9. Things even got really loud at one stage.

Christian briefly revved up his Lamborghini just once at Brose in Coburg. Yet the powerful sound reverberated for a long time after and even reached the offices at the very top of the building. The galleries on the first and second floors filled up right away. In the end, 130 employees wanted to see and hear the 32-year-old.

The pilot, who is sponsored by Brose, spoke about his career for an hour. His report on how he won the 24 Hours of Daytona in the U.S. was especially insightful. And his summary of the ADAC GT Masters, in which he finished up as the best German in second place, was also exciting.

Michael Stoschek flanked his comments with his personal experiences from international rallies. He would like his employees to have the character of a successful racing driver: “We need people who are courageous and have a good attitude toward competition.” And driving can also be uncomfortable sometimes, as a number of interested employees were able to discover when they sat on the racing car’s hard seat. “The driver has to do without the convenience features for which Brose is renowned,” said Stoschek.

The listeners were surprised to hear Stoschek and Engelhart concur that modern racing cars are relatively easy to operate. “Anyone can drive to the ice-cream parlor in one,” joked Engelhart. But probably not to victory ...

Some employees took the perspective of the race pilot.

Christian Engelhart explained the equipment details of his Lamborghini

Four essentials for successful racing:

Driver, sponsor, car and fans.

Two experienced racers: Michael Stoschek and Christian Engelhart.