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Stoschek/Hawranke win their class and finish third overall

Piancavallo, 05-12-2019

Michael Stoschek (Ahorn) and Dieter Hawranke (Kassel) were the only foreign starters at the 33rd Piancavallo Rally in Maniago, Italy.

In the historical vehicles category, they lined up in a 1973 Porsche 911 2.8 RSR.

The event over a total length of 339 km included seven special trials over 76.1 km, which had to be completed on May 11 and 12.

The Brose team used the event to carry out testing for July’s Cento Ore Modena Rally, since the Pirelli tires it normally uses are banned there and Michelin tires only are permitted. The team also wanted to test the new engine.

Since it rained all the time throughout the rally, the rain tires from both manufacturers were tried out and the new Michelin ones proved better in the wet. Only the engine displayed poor responsiveness in the low speed ranges and has to be improved.

There was no stopping the local Italian pilots in a Lancia 037 and a BMW M3 on the trials. Yet Stoschek/Hawranke were totally satisfied with third place overall and victory in their class.