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Systematic career planning

As a manager, experienced specialist, or interdisciplinary project manager: with us, you can choose the career path that best meets your ambitions and strengths. We support you right from the start with comprehensive support and targeted training programs. Our career concepts are also based on flexibility, so that you can switch to a different career path as your career develops.

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Management career

As a manager, you think and act entrepreneurially, want to make a difference and help shape the success of our company with your own ideas. You have clear goals and can inspire others to achieve them.
We support employees with potential for a management role with our comprehensive training programs and targeted mentoring. In training and development programs, we convey an understanding of leadership and develop and strengthen leadership skills.
We offer experienced managers a wide range of training courses on various leadership topics and for the further development of their own leadership style.

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Professional career

Expertise in one of our key technologies or methods: This is the focus of a professional career.
As part of this career path, you will expand your excellent expert knowledge and contribute to driving innovation in our company. You will also transfer your extensive knowledge and expertise as part of projects, internal training, and our knowledge database. Through global networking and targeted deepening of expertise, you secure a knowledge advantage for Brose. We offer special training courses or enable you to take part in trade fairs to optimize your knowledge and skills in knowledge transfer. The professional career path is an excellent alternative to a management career and just as essential for Brose's successful future.

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Project manager career

Project managers are multi-talented with assertiveness and persuasiveness. You take on the functional management of an interdisciplinary team, coordinate relevant stakeholders and decision-makers and always maintain a professional and organizational overview.
Project management requires extensive knowledge and skills. We support you with a structured qualification program and individual support measures. These include, for example, mentoring or an external project management certification. In the course of your career as a project manager, you will not only take on an exciting and challenging task, but will also be given successively more responsibility depending on the complexity and scope of a project.

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