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The right system for a career with responsibility

When you launch your career at Brose, you benefit from our highly structured, fully personalized orientation program. Ambitious young professionals who are willing to perform their best are quickly rewarded with responsible positions.

Jobs for Career Entrants
Brose Berufseinsteiger
Brose Berufseinsteiger

Brose Group

Brose is one of the five largest family-owned automotive suppliers. Every third new car worldwide is equipped with at least one Brose product. Including the joint venture Brose Sitech, the company employs 30000 people at around 70 locations in 24 countries. With numerous patent applications per year, Brose is one of Germany´s most innovative companies.

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Personal responsibility in a family-owned company

We offer university graduates like you permanent contracts and personal attention during the orientation phase. Further your qualifications with our broad range of training options. We will involve you in specific projects early on in your career and help you find the shortest path to personal responsibility within the Brose Group. Brose offers you so many opportunities to unfold in your field of work along with an impressive benefits package. What do we expect in return?

Launch your career with dedication and passion

We want you to find your spot as one of the top performers in your field as soon as possible by pairing the professional skills you acquired during your training, university studies and internship with your dedication and desire to learn. Arrange new target agreements with your supervisor, implement them consistently and accept new professional challenges within our organization. After all, you want to stay at the top of your game and propel your career forward here at Brose. And we will help you along the way with our wide range of qualification and training options.

Training with a systematic approach

Our practically oriented qualification programs offer you a systematic approach to further training and education. This will help you prepare for ever more challenging tasks and projects. Whether on-the-job training or continuing education, we offer you systematic support for optimizing the quality of your work and the methods you use. Building on these modules helps shape your fundamental perspective for your career at Brose – perhaps on a managerial staff, specialist or project manager career path.

Careers for ambitious professionals

Top performers and knowledge experts at Brose have three career paths available to them: managers can hone their leadership skills as they take on positions with increasing levels of responsibility. Specialists become recognized technology experts who promote internal knowledge transfer. Project managers provide top leadership for customer projects. These career paths comprise three career levels, each of which builds on the other. The concept is based on equality – identical compensation for comparable levels – and permeability: employees can change career paths at any time. Our social
benefits are just as modern.

Gain experience working abroad

Our company’s international presence is expanding rapidly. Almost two-thirds of our employees already work in foreign locations today. Globally networked activities are essential to our daily business. We regularly offer employees the opportunity to accept challenging responsibilities in our overseas locations, thereby gaining valuable international work experience. Starting with foreign business trips for up to three months to temporary assignments for a maximum of one year all the way to expatriate assignments that last several years: the more international experience you have, the better your chances for long-term success at Brose.

Brose Berufseinsteiger International Arbeiten 2014

Trainee program

Here you can find more information about our international trainee program .


No detours – apply directly with the plant

If you are interested in and meet the criteria for a specific position, then send your application directly to us. We’re a performance-driven company, so we appreciate employees who are ambitious and get straight to the point. Once we decide to work together, we’re ready to take the next step just as quickly. You’ll be assigned to your new position and be accountable immediately – as soon as you’ve met the target agreements arranged with your supervisor. Our structured orientation program is an effective way to jump-start your career at Brose.

The right plan for the job

We make starting work at Brose as easy for you as possible. After attending orientation, you will work through a dedicated training plan. You will take part in regular feedback discussions with your supervisor and HR representatives during this phase. We will provide you with an experienced mentor, who will act as a second contact should you have any questions. After six months, your supervisor will conduct a performance review with you. If everything goes well, there’s nothing standing in the way of your career at Brose. You’ll see how our flat hierarchies and quick decision-making propel outstanding employees’ careers forward.

You’re always involved

When the CEO of the Brose Group sits down at your table for lunch, this is more than just friendly, unpretentious leadership up-close and personal. It’s also an opportunity for you to discuss what’s on your mind with someone who is truly interested in your suggestions. This is why we have made flat hierarchies, short communication paths and rapid decision-making our guiding principles. New, pioneering ideas won’t face bureaucratic stumbling blocks or get lost in a labyrinth of hierarchies here at Brose. Driven by performance and success, we provide you with everything you need to contribute
your expertise and accelerate your career with Brose.

Modern benefits from a family-owned company

Brose social and additional benefits include a performance-related remuneration system for all employees, company health care offers, attractive childcare and educational opportunities for small and large family members of our employees as well as a varied company catering service. Flexible working hours allow you to spend more time with your family. We assist you with relocation, offer a variety of sports programs and help you acquire affordable transportation with our car leasing program.

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