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Market leader through in-house developments

For years Brose has been setting benchmarks for innovative and highly qualified door drive systems. “We have the expertise to develop all of the components in our door and liftgate systems in-house and to optimize their production and integration. This is how we have become a global market leader,” stresses Christof Vollkommer, Executive Vice President Door Systems at Brose.

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Side door drives: Market leader through in-house developments
Side door drives: Market leader through in-house developments

Side door drives: On the road to series production

Our company efficiently integrates mechanical, electric and electronic systems and customer applications in side door drives. We also have this system expertise in the development of products for hands-free opening and closing of liftgates and trunk lids. We lead the market in this field. Our group development location in Hallstadt/Bamberg is the innovation center for the door systems business division. Other development activities take place in Detroit/USA and in Shanghai/China. The global competence center for production is in Hallstadt, where we are currently preparing for the worldwide series production of our innovative side door drives.

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Innovative vehicle access

Our product solutions offer unmatched comfort for entering and exiting vehicles. For example, doors open, close and remain in any position for entry and exit even on slopes or in tight parking spaces. Manual operation is still possible at any time without restriction. Integrated environment monitoring ensures maximum safety.


Door drives for autonomous driving

Traditional car manufacturers across the globe are in a thrilling race with companies from Silicon Valley to build the first self-driving car. A power door drive that functions safely and reliably is a basic requirement, e.g. for driverless taxis or buses whose doors are opened and closed “remotely”. We offer an innovative drive for this purpose that will enter series production starting in 2019. The drive can also be controlled via a smartphone app. The system still incorporates options for manual operation and interaction patterns.


Standardized modular design

Brose developed a concept of a standardized drive for power opening and closing of side doors. It can easily be adapted to different OEM requirements with regard to package space, door architecture and functionality. This reduces the development time for the individual customer application. Thanks to its modular design the drive is suitable for high-volume production. It can be mounted to conventional interfaces on car bodies. The technical concept also enables the use of existing vehicle interfaces. For instance, the drive can easily be integrated into the vehicle electrical system as a “smart actuator” with integrated electronics.


Business division combines startup approach with systematics

The new product unit is highly dynamic. Our approach is flexible and pragmatic, yet systematic. We think like a startup and quickly respond to customer wishes. We are constantly innovating and adapting our organizational structures and processes.


Interdisciplinary thinking and creativity

One of the key features of the Brose side door drive working environment is the system approach. All technical and job-related functions are merged in a growing team that is highly dynamic and characterized by great interdisciplinarity and creativity. As a specialist and global leader in mechatronics, we offer the possibility to collaborate on solving technological challenges in the field of drive, control and sensor technology – with a high degree of personal responsibility. Interdisciplinary thinking and intercultural competence are especially in demand in addition to specialized knowledge in very different disciplines such as mechanical systems, electronics and mechanics.


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