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New Boston

General Manager - Plant

As a successful family-owned company on a path to global growth, the Brose Group offers challenging responsibilities and exciting career opportunities to performance-driven, skilled specialists with solid professional knowledge and proven career expertise who wish to contribute to our company’s success.

Your Job Specification

  • Support the overall organizational strategy by developing and delivering operational plans and outcomes for a large portion of the business
  • Develop and gain agreement to annual business plans for a function or substantial business area, ensuring alignment with strategy; quantify business outcomes (i.e. revenues or other key performance indicators); detail expense and headcount budgets; and develop business cases for key projects, ensuring cross-functional integration
  • Ensure that business activities and individuals (i.e. employees, contractors and visitors) within the area of responsibility adhere to the organization's HS&E policies, procedures and mandatory instructions; to safeguard the environment, protect the wellbeing of individuals and minimize business risk
  • Communicate the function's strategy and its relationship to the organization's mission, vision and values; clarify the actions needed to implement it within the area of responsibility; motivate people to commit to these and to doing extraordinary things to achieve the organization's business goals
  • Develop monthly and annual production plans for multiple functions across the business with dependencies on other processes/units to include resource planning and monitoring and reporting on performance against the plan; provide input to the overall production planning framework and systems
  • Manage budget plans per department; could involve development or delivery (or both); prepare annual budget and resource plans for the plant in addition to the delegation of targeted goals, submit to board and get approval
  • Manage and report on the performance of the function / business area; set appropriate performance objectives for direct reports and hold them accountable for achieving these; take appropriate corrective action where necessary to ensure the achievement of annual business objectives
  • Build an effective management team, lead and motivate employees to achieve results; responsible for achieving productivity targets and efficient utilization of plant resources
  • Decision-making responsibility for investment, personnel matters and capacity; consistent observance, optimization and subsequent process development in the plant, taking account of continuous optimization of costs and productivity
  • Lead plant functions development and realize Brose Group pilot projects in field of technologies, process development, ramp ups, design, automation and other plants support (provides support for sister plants); develop strategic long-term plans to guarantee the success of the plant through the lifetime of the projects
  • Develop and adapt the company structure and organization in order to respond to changing requirements and to maximize cooperation and performance within the plant

Your Profile

  • Master’s degree preferred
  • More than 15 years of relative experience, with minimum 10 years of management experience
  • Experience with multiple complexities such as welding/fastening processes and mechatronic systems

Dana Liddell-Cofield +1 734 551 9588