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Material planning

As a successful family-owned company on a path to global growth, the Brose Group offers challenging responsibilities and exciting career opportunities to performance-driven, skilled specialists with solid professional knowledge and proven career expertise who wish to contribute to our company’s success.

Your tasks

  • Ensure raw material ordering base on customer demand and production plan
  • Ensure supplier on time delivery with right conditions (window time/qty), otherwise issue Brose standard complain in correct way
  • Ensure raw material ordering controlled in the right stock level (qty/value)
  • Handle local and oversea supplier shipping notice ,ensure the warehouse goods receipt in system
  • Handle supplier related problem and issue claim in system (qty shortage/not on time delivery)
  • Month-end supplier reconciliation and billing handling in system
  • Manage supply chain stock level(WIP for IC projects)
  • Review timely the potential inventory backlogs/overstock/dead stock to optimize the stock range
  • Request stock checks to validate stock accuracy and make inventory adjustments to support results
  • Normal problem solving for SAP, APO, Kanban system, Scrap system etc
  • GECOS task for engineering change and new project launch
  • Control and follow-up relevant tasks that are listed in Brose change management system (plan switch-over new materials, minimize scrap level of obsolete materials)
  • KPI Metrics review by Daily, Weekly Monitoring and Monthly check
  • Ensure the accuracy of material master data setting and regularly update in SAP system
  • Collaborate with logistics planners before and during project SOP to review and ensure the data quality of inbound logistics information (supplier contact info, supplier MOQ, central purchasing agreement) and outbound logistics info (customer contact info, delivery incoterm, packaging concept).
  • Handle emergence with related departments ,such as quality incident ,production/ urgent demand / supplier capacity to ensure smooth supplychain running
  • Other tasks assigned by supervisor

Your Profile

  • Communicate with customer to get the right demand information
  • Manage customer call-offs in system to make sure 100% on time delivery to customer
  • Analyze the accuracy ,compare the floating of call off is necessary
  • Define customer delivery plan and create delivery note in system to ensure customer on time delivery.
  • Handle customer related complains (qty shortage/not on time delivery)
  • Manage supply chain stock level (FG stock within plant /3rd party warehouse)
  • Month-end customer reconciliation and billing handling in system