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Warehouse keeper

As a successful family-owned company on a path to global growth, the Brose Group offers challenging responsibilities and exciting career opportunities to performance-driven, skilled specialists with solid professional knowledge and proven career expertise who wish to contribute to our company’s success.

Your tasks

  • PR/PO management. Fill out PR in E@sy buy, follow up the PR / PO proving process.
  • Tracking the goods arriving status. Push supplier for delivery, keep the communication record.
  • Picking up the parts. At goods receiving area, pick- up and check the completeness of the package, quantity, type and brand of the parts.
  • Goods receiving in E@sy buy. Inform requester to check the quality of the parts, do goods receiving in E@sy buy after confirmation from requester.
  • Inventory management. Part - out management, keep the part – taking form, update the quantity of the stock, monthly stocktaking, update the material record in public folder of department.
  • 5S management. Keep the parts, tools and documents in place, orderly arranged, marked visibly. Regular daily cleaning of the warehouse.

Your Profile

  • Production team in the plant: Handover of the production equipment, sharing of experience.
  • Maintenance: Complaints, warranty claims, sharing of experience.