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31 Brose apprentices finish their vocational training

Michael Stammberger, head of apprenticeship training (left), and the Brose apprentices from Coburg and Hallstadt.

Michael Stammberger, head of apprenticeship training (left), and the Brose apprentices from Coburg and Hallstadt.

Coburg/Würzburg, 05-10-2010

Thirty-one young men and women have successfully completed their training at Brose in the Coburg and Würzburg districts of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). Nineteen of them were trained at the Brose location in Coburg and twelve in Würzburg. Twenty-six of the qualified apprentices are being kept on by the two Franconian locations as toolmakers, industrial mechanics, mechatronics technicians, industrial clerks and electronics technicians. One of
the former apprentices is going to continue his studies at Brose and attend a university of cooperative education. Three others are going to attend the "Fachoberschule" (vocational school at upper secondary level), on successful completion of which they wish to go on and study industrial engineering at a university of applied sciences. One of the young people has decided to change his profession.

Once again, Brose's apprentices have achieved above-average results in the Coburg district of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and are among the top of the class this year, too.

This time, the mechatronic technicians gained especially good grades: Benedikt Alex, Sascha
Herr, Dominik Schamberger, Eva-Maria Lang, Franziska Freitag and Hannes Höhn all scored anexcellent 1.1*, closely followed by Christian Barndt (1.2), Tobias Herrlein (1.3) and Tobias Weigand(1.4). Particularly good results were also achieved by Daniel Stenglein (1.4) and Daniel Wadas(1.5), both power electronics technician, as well as Sebastian Kestel (1.5) and Marcel Elsner (1.7), both toolmakers.

In total, 14 of Brose’s junior Coburg staff scored a grade point average of 1 or 2.

Michael Stammberger is delighted with the apprentices’ good examination results: "Our apprentices’ performance is once again exceptional. It shows how highly motivated they are in wanting to contribute to further increase Brose's success on the market."

In the Würzburg district of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry another nine Brose
apprentices turned in good results. The two mechatronics technicians, Tobias Schmitt and Mathias Schömig came top, each with the grade 1.5. During a small celebration at the location in Würzburg, Michael Stammberger, head of apprenticeship training, congratulated the young people on their exemplary performance.

The training concept of the international automotive supplier likewise promotes and requires technical and social competences. Regular language courses as well as international placements lasting from several weeks to several months at locations in Europe and overseas help in this

As a result of his outstanding grades, the company offered Ralf Waldsachs the opportunity to continue his training as industrial clerk at the Spanish location Sta. Margarda near Barcelona. This plant is a recognized ASET training center for German cooperative univesity students. Ralf Waldsachs will shortly be taking his final exams before the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and

Another important part of the Brose training concept is the Junior Company. Every year, this "learning company" situated at the locations in Coburg, Hallstadt, Würzburg and Wuppertal teaches an average of 80 apprentices the core competences for their future career: they learn to take responsibility and act independently, at the same time honing their technical, methodological
and social skills while processing jobs assigned to them.

About 230 apprentices and cooperative education students are currently undergoing training
within the Brose Group: 102 of them are being trained in Coburg, 47 in Hallstadt, 55 in Würzburg, 19 in Wuppertal, 6 in Berlin and 1 in Sindelfingen.

*1 (best) to 6 (worst)

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