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Brose hosts a star

Some 1.000 interested Brose employees learned about trends of the future at Daimler with the product show exhibits. Around 700 employees participated in the test-drives with series and future models.

Some 1000 interested Brose employees learned about trends of the future at Daimler with the product show exhibits. Around 700 employees participated in the test-drives with series and future models.

Coburg, 09-02-2010

For an entire day, Brose’s headquarters in Coburg was devoted to a star – the three-pointed Mercedes star, that is. High-ranking representatives from Daimler AG paid a visit in order to talk with Management about intensifying business relationships. In addition, the Daimler representatives brought along numerous test vehicles and show exhibits to give their supplier, whom they have worked with for years, an opportunity to find out about trends in safety and alternative drive systems and experience these systems first hand by test-driving vehicles.

“For us, this visit is a particular honor. I am very pleased that Daimler is offering our employees the unique opportunity to get to know the technology of the various models in detail and ask their questions, whether they are connected with our joint projects or just out of personal interest," Jürgen Otto, CEO of the Brose Group, commented.

Jochen Schaefers, Head of Procurement-Communication for Mercedes-Benz Cars and Vans, explained the background of the event: “It is extremely rare for us to put on events like this one, but with Brose, we are connected by long partnership. In the past, we recognized the company as a reliable partner a number of times, most recently this year, with the Daimler Supplier Award. With today’s event, we would like to once again acknowledge the excellent cooperation of the past years and in particular, share our appreciation with our supplier’s employees. I am pleased that this has been received with such enthusiastic interest.”

Over 700 Brose employees took the opportunity to experience the way the cars ride by test-driving premium series models such as the SL63 AMG, as well as current “green technology” vehicles, like the smart fortwo electric drive and models of the future, like the B-Class F-CELL.

“In my job, I don’t have a lot of contact to the customers,” said test-driver Ralf Gutwill, who is responsible for the production facilities at the plant. “Especially with this background in mind, I think what Daimler is offering us here is fantastic – it's really motivating. For me, the C63 AMG was the highlight, not only on the road, but because the driver was able to answer our very specific questions.”

In addition to the premium class models, the vehicles with alternative drive systems also attracted a great deal of interest, as Heike Jagusch, Department for New Markets Seat Systems, reported: “I worked for Brose in Japan for the past five years. There, hybrid or electric drive systems are already widespread. So I was particularly curious to test how the various drive systems compare with each other. For me, the Smart with an electric drive system is the ideal city car.”

Tobias Hager, Brose Quality Business Division Seat Systems was impressed by the B-Class with a fuel cell (F-CELL). “When I got in, I wondered whether I would miss the noise of the motor. But after just a little while, I got used to it. The ride is really pleasant.” Daniel Schnapp, a BA student at Brose Hallstadt describes his test-drive in the S400 Hybrid as follows: “The driver did a great job of explaining the hybrid system and the safety functions during our test-drive. On the display, we could see exactly how much energy was being consumed. That was really impressive and much easier to understand than any theoretical explanation. It was just super.”

Michael Joos, Head of Key Account Daimler, also thought the event for the employees was very positive. “With this event, we were able to reinforce the partnership with our customer even more. Our employees have gained interesting insights and were thrilled by the cars. That’s motivating for future joint projects.”

Brose has successfully cooperated with Daimler AG for over 60 years, supplying door systems, window regulators, seat systems and electric motors for all Mercedes-Benz passenger cars from the A-Class to the S-Class, for Mercedes-Benz transporters and for trucks in the Daimler Trucks business area.

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