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Brose Kids Club Academy: Guidance in choosing a vocation

Youth coach Thomas Lorber and the 20-year-old basketball player Maurice Stuckey from Brose Baskets talked about their personal experiences last weekend at the career guidance workshop staged by the Academy for Children and Youngsters of the Brose Kids Club.

Coburg, 02-09-2010

Just what do I want to become? What can I do well and where am I not so good? What opportunities do I have with my school qualifications? What do I have to do to achieve my personal goals? Nine school students aged between 14 and 19 addressed those and other questions last weekend at a workshop which the Brose Kids Club Academy for Children and Youngsters staged for the children of employees at Coburg.

The Brose Kids Club is the only social institution of its kind in the region to hold weekend workshops where youngsters can prepare for their final examinations, take part in career guidance courses, build up their confidence and enhance their independence.

The objective of last weekend’s event was to provide the youngsters with help in choosing a vocation. As Dorothea Schaufler, head of the Brose Kids Clubs, says, it is first of all vital for young people to gain a picture of their own strengths and weaknesses and take a closer look at their “dream job” to see whether it is right for them. The experienced social education worker stresses the need for youngsters to steer their way toward their envisaged career by means of concrete training steps and to always regard setbacks on their path as an opportunity.

In this context, the 20-year-old basketball player Maurice Stuckey and youth team coach Thomas Lorber from Brose Baskets provided the young people with some interesting insights. Both had come to Coburg that weekend in order to talk about their personal experiences: How important it is to set viable targets and to motivate yourself again and again, even after defeats.

Maurice Stuckey’s great dream is to play in the NBA one day. The talented young athlete puts in great efforts and makes many a sacrifice for his passion of basketball. Apart from training as an industrial clerk, “Mo” – as his friends call him – trains up to six hours a day. The youngster from Bamberg is convinced: “At the end of the day, you get back what you put in.”

The feedback from the young people at the end of the Brose Kids Club workshop was positive in every respect. 16-year-old Susanne put it in a nutshell: “The chance to talk to others and the many suggestions I took away from the course have been really helpful to me.”

Apart from a wide range of childcare, the Kids Club offers an attractive program of education in the fields of sciences, culture and languages in the Academy for Children and Youngsters as part of Brose’s vocational and family support work – not only in school hours during the week, but also on weekends and during vacations.

The flexible opening times are geared to the working hours of Brose’s employees. Children of working parents are cared for in the afternoon and are offered interesting and challenging educational opportunities in this time. The kids and young people aged 6 to 18 are looked after by educationalists with a great deal of experience of work and life. The courses are planned to reflect the needs of parents, and the program is developed continuously and changes every three months.

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