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New BMW 5 Series now on sale - and Brose is on board

New BMW 5 Series now on sale - and Brose is on board
Coburg, 03-26-2010

For BMW, "five" has always been a lucky number, since the BMW 5 Series has been the Bavarian automaker's leading line for decades: the first five generations of this upper middle class model have sold more than five million cars in total. The sixth generation has been with car dealers for a week now.

The new 5 Series also features a variety of Brose products: while window regulators, seat and headrest adjusters as well as liftgate latches with soft-close automatic enhance driver safety and comfort, power-optimized drive train actuators, cooling fan modules and HVAC blowers boost its efficiency.

An exclusive preview was held at the Stuttgart branch of BMW, where the automaker revealed
the new BMW 5 Series to around 800 guests. The Brose Group, a BMW supplier partner for many years, was given the opportunity to present the technological features with which it has contributed to the market success of this car, to interested premium drivers.

Furthermore, the supplier to the automobile industry used this opportunity to present other product innovations and to carry out an end customer survey. The main focus of the guests’ interest was on “comfort and convenience” features that facilitate the handling of the car: interior and remote opening and closing of the trunk and liftgate, for example, made possible by the capacitive liftgate switch developed by Brose. A simple foot movement is all that is needed to open and close the trunk, making loading and unloading vehicles even simpler.

According to the participants of the survey, the Variostop® infinite door check is a "very useful and absolutely desirable" function: in contrast to conventional multistage checks, the new product holds the vehicle door in any required position - even when the car is on a slope. As an option, a sensor-assisted collision detector protects the door from damage: a sensor, which communicates with the infinite door check via the door controller, detects obstructions and stops the door in an instant.

All current BMW 1-Series up to 7-Series as well as the X-models and the Z4 are fitted with Brose window regulators, seat adjusters, latches, cooling fan modules, drive train actuators as well as HVAC blowers.

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