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German Transport Minister: Brose is a technology leader

Die Zukunft der Elektromobilität war ein Schwerpunkt der Gespräche von Bundesverkehrsminister Dr. Peter Ramsauer (Mitte), dem Vorsitzenden der Brose Gruppe, Jürgen Otto (links), und Bundestagsabgeordneten Hans Michelbach (rechts).

Coburg, 01-24-2012

Germany’s Minister of Transport, Dr Peter Ramsauer, was able to appreciate the innovative strength of automotive supplier Brose during a visit to the headquarters of the family-owned company. The focus of the visit was on electric mobility, vehicle electrification and lightweight design. Ramsauer summed up his impression, saying, “It is impossible now to envisage an automotive future without electric vehicles. And with technology leaders like Brose, we in Germany have everything we need to spearhead this future.”

Presenting Brose’s current product range, Jürgen Otto, CEO of the Brose Group, said, “With our
portfolio and our Brose-SEW joint venture, we are extremely well prepared for the electric mobility market of the future.”

Since one of the key tasks of Ramsauer’s ministry is to adapt Germany’s transport infrastructure to
electric vehicle requirements, he paid particular attention to the wireless charging technology. The German Ministry of Transport has announced that it will be promoting several pilot regions to test electric mobility. As the CEO of Brose-SEW, Wolfgang Sczygiol, explained, the joint venture company is involved in three of the candidate regions.

Electric vehicles and reducing consumption present the automotive supply industry with a particular challenge: systematic weight reduction. This became clear during the minister’s tour of the seat systems prototype construction area. Here, Ramsauer was able to compare a modern lower seat structure for the premium segment with the previous model and see for himself that it is possible to achieve a weight reduction of 47% while maintaining the same functionality.

Ramsauer’s personal favorite among the Brose products was evidently the hands-free sensor for opening and closing liftgates and trunk lids. His spontaneous reaction when the trunk lid opened in response to a simple foot movement was, “That’s great!”

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