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27 young Brose employees successfully complete their vocational training

Auch in diesem Jahr erzielten Brose-Auszubildende Top-Noten bei ihren Abschlussprüfungen: Von 27 Azubis an den Standorten Coburg/Hallstadt und Würzburg erzielten 19 eine Note mit einer 1 vor dem Komma. Ausbildungsleiter Michael Stammberger (rechts) gratulierte im Namen des Unternehmens

Coburg, 09-27-2013

Twenty-seven young men and women have successfully completed their training at Brose in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry districts of Coburg and Würzburg: nineteen of the graduates even scored an overall grade higher than 2.0, on a scale of 1 to 6, with 1 being the highest grade and 6 being the lowest. "Our apprentices demonstrated lots of commitment and determination," said head of training Michael Stammberger, praising the newly qualified employees. "Their efforts paid off with good marks and excellent career prospects."

Twenty of the young people completed their vocational training at Brose's locations in Coburg and Hallstadt, seven in Würzburg. Sixteen will be working for Brose as mechatronics technicians,industrial clerks, IT specialists, machine and system operators, technical product designers and electronics technicians. Five of the former apprentices will be continuing their education and another six will go on to complete their university degrees.

Impressive examination results achieved

Twelve of the examinees in the Coburg Chamber district scored above-average results and were honored for their performance by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce: Isabella Welsch (1.4), IT specialist Dominik Schneider (1.6), electronics technician Andreas Albus (1.8), mechatronics technician Marco Gambert (1.7), machine and system operators Stefan Söllner (1.3), Florian Stieler (1.6), Nicolai Schäfer (1.7) and Dominik Häberle (1.6) and technical product designers Tina Hämmerlein (1.3), Janis Plate (1.5), Fabian Brylla (1.6) and Elisa Herold (1.7). In the Würzburg Chamber district, all apprentices received high marks on their final examinations: electronic technicians Felix Hutzel (1.4) and Florian Kohmann (1.3), industrial clerks Christina Memmel (1.3) and Linda Stühler (1.7), mechatronics technician Marius Paweletzki (1.5) and technical product designers Ricardo Ernst (1.3) and Anika Stahl (1.4).

International experience increasingly important

In addition to promoting technical and social skills, the automotive supplier also attaches great importance to international work experience. For instance, industrial clerks can spend their final training year at the Spanish location in Santa Margarida: Verena Blenk seized the opportunity – and was very successful, passing her final exams at the state-recognized German vocational training center in Barcelona with a near-perfect grade of 1.2.

Regular English language courses with an automotive focus and stays abroad in Europe or overseas lasting several weeks promote and enhance international teamwork in the company group. Janis Plate, for example, gained international work experience during her vocational training in Ostrava/Czech Republic, while Tina Hämmerlein and Elisa Herold went to Detroit/USA, Dominik Schneider to Tondela/Portugal and Andreas Albus to Querétaro/Mexico. "The assignments to our locations worldwide help our junior staff to expand their technical knowledge and improve their language skills," emphasized Stammberger. "Their stays abroad make a lasting impression on them, offering them valuable insights and equipping them with the tools they need to work in an international environment."

Some 284 apprentices and students at universities of cooperative education are currently receiving vocational training within the Brose Group. 200 are located in Coburg and Hallstadt, 58 in Würzburg, 18 in Wuppertal and 8 in Berlin. Another 52 are currently being trained at eight foreign locations in the US, Canada, Brazil, England, the Czech Republic and Spain.

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