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Brose at the IAA 2015: Competence for Tomorrow's Mobility

Coburg, 08-18-2015

“Competence for Tomorrow’s Mobility” is Brose’s theme for the IAA 2015. The supplier will present developments and ideas to make the future of driving safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

The mechatronics specialist will reveal its vision for future generations of multifunctional vehicle interiors – comfortable and individually adjustable with a focus on consistent lightweight design – with a fully electrified seat platform.

Brose will show how the megatrend “electrification” is increasingly finding its way into vehicles with the electric oil pump. The pump maintains transmission oil pressure even when the engine turns off in start-stop or coasting mode, thereby contributing to efficient and at the same time comfortable driving.

The supplier will also present a new solution for comfortable vehicle access with its side door drive. It opens and closes the door automatically – even on sloped surfaces – and can also be operated using mobile devices. An integrated variable door check makes it easier to open and close doors by hand as well, without any extra effort.

Future generation of multifunctional vehicle interiors

Brose will demonstrate the advantages of a complete seating system with an innovative seat platform – the first vehicle interior with fully electrified first, second and third seat rows. A system approach like this offers consumers a highly functional and flexible vehicle interior. All levels of adjustment can be controlled completely remotely, for instance using a smartphone app. This means that drivers can adjust the entire vehicle interior and adapt it to everyday situations – depending on whether they need to take half a soccer team to the game or pick up supplies from the hardware store. Settings can be adjusted and saved according to personal preferences for maximum customization. It also picks up on the trend towards less cluttered vehicle interiors: the seat length adjuster uses an innovative rail concept to give the interior a high-quality, tidy appearance. Additionally, it creates significantly more legroom for rear seat passengers.

System expertise in drive train actuators

The electric oil pump is a milestone for Brose: it represents a step towards the company becoming a system supplier for drive train actuators. The system comprises an electronically commutated motor, the control electronics and an integrated pump.

The advantage: the integrated components improve efficiency, acoustics and weight. The (auxiliary) electric oil pump makes the start-stop function and coasting mode possible by maintaining transmission pressure when the engine is off. This can reduce emissions by up to 10 grams CO2/km without affecting handling – the vehicle restarts without a delay, for example. Moreover, the auxiliary system allows engineers to make the main transmission oil pump smaller, resulting in further savings in fuel consumption and emissions. Other areas of application are lubrication and cooling in hybrid systems or the substitution of the main transmission oil pump. Brose has already received orders for the new product. The electric oil pump will enter series production in 2018.

Trendsetter for door systems

The supplier will present an innovative solution for comfortable vehicle access with its side door drive. The side door drive moves hinged doors automatically and can also be operated by smartphone. This is a new comfort feature customers can take advantage of to make sure their products stand out in the market. The system includes all of the requisite safety features – collision and anti-trap protection – as well as a variable door check, which makes it easier to open and close the door by hand.

The mechatronics specialist will also showcase its expertise in lightweight design at the IAA. One example of this is the further development of its door system made of organo sheets. This saves up to five kilograms per vehicle compared to conventional steel doors. Locking systems are another area where reducing weight is a “must”: Brose’s Flex-Pol® actuator replaces up to three motors and gears per lock, making it lighter and more robust. As a result of consistent further development, both technologies are ready for use in high-volume production.

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