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Brose paves way for further growth in Bamberg

Brose Bamberg new building grand opening

Grand opening of Brose’s new administration building in Bamberg, (from left) Sandro Scharlibbe (Executive Vice President Purchasing Brose Group), Maximilian Stoschek (Shareholder), Andreas Starke (Mayor of the City of Bamberg), Michael Stoschek (Chairman of the Brose Group) and Jürgen Otto (CEO of the Brose Group).

Bamberg, 06-30-2016

The new Brose company buildings on Berliner Ring in Bamberg are complete. Around 600 employees control the corporate group's global purchasing, development, electronics and IT activities from inside the modern office complex. Including the staff at Max-Brose-Straße in Hallstadt, the automotive supplier employs around 2,000 people in the Bamberg area. From 2015 through 2017 the family-owned company will invest more than 120 million euros in Bamberg and Hallstadt. This was announced at a ceremony in the new administration building with 80 guests from business and politics.

By locating group functions to Bamberg, Brose is paving the way for further growth. "Our mechatronic products for vehicle comfort, safety and efficiency are in great demand all over the world. New production facilities are being built in Europe and overseas. At the same time we want to continue to expand our technical and commercial group functions in Franconia. This enables us to guarantee the same efficiency and quality standards throughout the world," stressed Jürgen Otto, CEO of the Brose Group.

The automotive supplier controls part of its global business from its headquarters in Bamberg. Purchasing Brose Group procured materials, services and capital goods worth roughly 4.3 billion euros in 2015. The mechatronics specialist’s innovations come from its development activities. Electronics Development Brose Group in Bamberg coordinates all global activities for electronics products. Brose also administers all information and communications technologies for around 20,000 international users from its Bamberg headquarters.

"I am pleased that Bamberg has gained an innovative global player and very interesting employer with the Brose Group," said city mayor Andreas Starke. "The high quality with which Brose produces and develops is impressive. The city wants to be a good partner and support entrepreneurship by providing an attractive living environment and good conditions for business."

Jürgen Otto thanked mayor Andreas Starke and the city administration for the good collaboration prior to and during the construction phase. He noted the potential for expansion: "We have big plans – worldwide in our group, and here at this location. Future investments at the site in Bamberg are linked to our further growth and the special situation in Coburg. If Coburg – after largely being cut off from the ICE high-speed rail network – also does not get a new commercial airfield with instrument flight control, we will consider relocating additional functions to Bamberg, especially ones that require a great deal of travel. The settlement agreement signed with the city of Bamberg on 25 May 2012 includes the acquisition of 75,000 square meters of property with the option of an additional 37,000 square meter area. This means there is still enough space in Bamberg to expand the site right next to the expanded Breitenau special-purpose airfield, which has a runway that is twice as long as the Brandensteinsebene airfield in Coburg."

Future-oriented environment in Bamberg

The decision in favor of the new development in Bamberg was made in 2012. The cathedral city had impressive selling points such as its positive population growth, the availability of skilled workers and the city’s attractive cultural, athletic and social environment. A key aspect is the good infrastructure, particularly access to road and railway networks as well as the Breitenau airfield and Nuremberg airport.

Strengthening global collaboration

As the number of locations grows, so too do the demands on global collaboration. The existing office organization has been undergoing further development since 2001 in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of communication. The new administration building in Bamberg has modern communication and meeting areas in close proximity to the workstations in order to optimize the sharing of information and experiences across locations and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. Centrally located meeting places encourage employees to share their ideas. The plan is to introduce elements of this concept in stages at other locations.

A display on the ground floor of the building in Bamberg shows the technological and economic development of the family-owned company over its 108-year history. It covers everything from the foundation by Max Brose to becoming the international system supplier it is today – actively shaping the future of mobility.

Long-term commitment to employees and society

The office complex in Bamberg is complemented by social facilities including a modern healthcare center that offers medical and physiotherapeutic services along with a fitness area, sauna and therapy programs. Strategic health management at Brose aims to maintain employee productivity and raise awareness for healthy living in everyday life.