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Brose expands its manufacturing competence in China

Brose Taicang Opening

Guests from the world of politics and customer representatives took part in the festive opening of Brose's new site in Taicang.

Coburg/Taicang, 12-19-2018

Automotive supplier Brose has opened a new plant in Taicang, China. Primarily for the Chinese market, the family-owned company manufactures products across its entire portfolio, including door systems, seat structures and motors there. What began in 2015 with a small operation in rented production halls in Taicang will grow to a total area of 73,000 square meters with the completion of the second construction phase at the end of 2019. Brose Taicang will then be the largest production facility of the mechatronics specialist in Asia. To this end, the family-owned company is investing around 180 million euros.

"The new location in Taicang will be one of the Brose Group's most important plants," emphasized Thomas Spangler, Chief Technology Officer, at the official opening in late November. "With digitized processes and the latest manufacturing methods, we are significantly increasing our manufacturing competence in Asia". For example, a modern production control system has been installed. It analyzes data from production and controls the entire manufacturing process, which increases product quality and minimizes scrap.

"The development in Taicang from a rental hall to one of our global lead plants is an example of the positive business development of the Brose Group in China and of our systematic implementation of modern production systems," Spangler explained. The company will employ 1,600 people at the site by 2024.

Wang Hongxing, member of the Taicang government, was pleased with the success story as well: "The automotive industry is one of the most important pillars of our economic growth. We believe that Brose's state-of-the-art plant will have a very positive impact on the future of the automotive sector in the region."

Brose Taicang

Brose has opened a new site in Taicang, China. It will be one of the mechatronics specialists’ lead plants, in which state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are applied.