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PKI and E-Mail encryption

Often times communication with our business partners takes place via email. To ensure confidentiality and data protection, we provide the option of encrypted email transfer via S/MIME.

This is based on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) at Brose and requires the communication partner to have an S/MIME-capable email program. The encrypted messages are verified by digital certificates issued within the Brose PKI. Certificates are issued in accordance with the provisions of the "Public Key Infrastructure Disclosure Statement" .

The following Brose certificates can be downloaded:

  • Brose CA Root Certificate
    Valid from ‎ ‎December 14th, 2015 until February 13th, 2038
    Fingerprint (SHA-1) ‎ ‎c1 c3 0b f8 1d 59 d3 1e 1e 78 14 28 ff 08 62 95 ed 75 4b d9
    Fingerprint (SHA-2) b7 34 1d c7 d0 d8 18 9a d0 5e df db ed 4e 32 4e 55 f5 b7 fb cf c0 42 2c 6b fa f8 de 04 15 ad dd
  • Brose CA Issuing Certificate
    Valid from ‎February 13th, 2018 until ‎February 13th, 2028
    Fingerprint (SHA-1) E3 D6 0D 77 F1 80 BA B8 FF 9E 03 00 8F A4 A4 87 F5 1C 95 2E
    Fingerprint (SHA-2) 68 CC C3 D9 92 37 08 63 B5 4D 8C 1F 59 4F 48 54 6C 24 01 DF 02 CC A0 BD F3 56 42 F7 85 22 34 5D

You can request your personal certificate for encrypted email communication from your Brose contact person. It will then be sent to you promptly by email.

Certificates that were revoked before they expired are listed in the relevant revocation list:

  • Brose CA Root Certificate Revocation List
  • Brose CA Issuing Certificate Revocation List