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New mobility experience: Brose is now also an e-bike system supplier

Brose Drive System

New mobility experiences for e-bikes as well. With the Brose Drive System, bicycles can be precisely configured to meet the most diverse requirements. (Picture: Wolfgang Maria Weber)

Coburg & Berlin, 08-22-2019

The mobility transformation extends far beyond the automobile: the e-bike has now become a trendsetter as an environmentally friendly, agile and healthy way to travel. Brose drives enable cyclists with a variety of tastes and requirements to enjoy a natural, harmonious riding experience. Now the family-owned company is introducing the Brose Drive System it developed in-house: a wide range of drives, displays and the battery can be flexibly added or individually combined. The result: e-bikes that can be precisely configured to meet a broad spectrum of demands.

Get on, start pedaling, accelerate quickly and conquer new heights and distances. Or glide along effortlessly and arrive in style. For five years Brose has continuously updated the range of mobility experiences it offers cyclists. The Berlin-based family-owned company is transferring its competence in mechatronics, production expertise and high quality standards developed for the automotive sector to Brose drives for e-bikes. Now Brose also offers its own displays and a powerful battery.

The drives: harmonious, efficient, fast, sporty

The drive is and will remain the heart of the new system. The various models in the Brose Drive family are attuned to the many different fields of application for cyclists: the harmonious Brose Drive C for the city, the efficient Brose Drive T for trekking, all the way to the Brose Drive TF that supports speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour. The Drive S is designed for athletic riders – including electric mountainbikers. What’s new: The Brose Drives C, S and T can be selected with aluminum or magnesium housings. The magnesium option reduces the drive’s form factor and makes it 500 grams lighter.

The displays: functional, intuitive, ergonomic

The newly developed Brose “Allround”, “Remote” and “Central” displays are optimally integrated in the drives and also custom-tailored to meet the wide-ranging needs of cyclists. Featuring intuitive, ergonomic controls, the design can either be functional, minimalist or highly visible.

The battery: powerful, space-saving, practical

The Brose Drive System is completed with the Brose Battery 630, which was designed specifically for this purpose. This power pack charges quickly, is light, compact, robust and saves 630 watt hours of energy. Thanks to a patented holding mechanism the battery remains securely attached even when exposed to major impacts yet is still easy to remove.

The Brose Drive System will be presented at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt am Main from 12 to 22 September. Discover more at our stand D01/D01 in Hall 4.0 and try the system out for yourself on an e-bike track.

Brose Drive System

For a natural riding experience: Brose also takes a systematic approach to e-bikes and has optimally integrated the drive, operating units and battery. (Picture: Brose)