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Brose Motorsport: Unsuccessful start to the Monte Carlo Historique Rally

Monaco, 02-03-2016

Michael Stoschek, Chairman of the Brose Group, returned home prematurely from this year’s Monte Carlo Historique Rally full of disappointment.

The Brose Motorsport team lined up in Barcelona on the evening of Friday, January 29, in the 1965 2.0-liter Porsche 911 in which European champion Michael Stoschek had won the Carrera Panamericana three times.

The green rally car with the start number 58 was sent off on its long journey by a delegation from Brose St. Margarida.

A demanding trip of 1,138 kilometers to Monaco over mountain roads in France and Spain was followed by a further 1,464 km in the rally itself. 434 km, spread over 14 trials, had to be completed by early on Wednesday, February 3.

According to the mode of the Monte Carlo Historique Rally, an average speed of around 50 km/h has to be maintained at all times on all trials.

Since almost the entire route was free of snow and mostly dry, many of the more than 300 entrants clocked very precise times.

Unfortunately, the rally computer developed by co-pilot Peter Goebel himself was complicated to operate and so did not permit precise compliance with the demanded speed from the outset – and in the final stage it finally gave up the ghost completely.

Unlike last year, the preparations for Monte 2016 were especially intensive: All the trials were driven twice in November, the chassis and tires were tested in Norway in mid-January and there was a nine-strong team during the event.

Consequently, the result was extremely frustrating and Michael Stoschek even spoke of a ”disaster” at the finish in view of what had been possible and expected.

“The only pleasing aspects were the car, which Brose Motorsport had prepared perfectly, the rally’s great route and the fact that I was able to offer the many spectators a good show with drifts in the many tight bends.”

The next outing for the Brose Motorsport team is the Majorca Rally from March 10 to 12, 2016. Michael Stoschek – seconded again by co-pilot Dieter Hawranke – will present the New Stratos as a pace car through the demanding mountain route on the Iberian island.

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