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AWO Mehrgenerationen Haus: Crafts at the Brose Kids Club

Coburg, 05-22-2024

Seven volunteers from the AWO multi-generation house visited our Brose Kids Club in Coburg during the Whitsun vacations. Together with 25 of our employees' children, they did handicrafts, cooked and carried out small experiments. This took place as part of the "Crafts for young and old" theme week, which focused on a wide range of craft activities over four days.

Under the guidance of volunteers from the AWO multi-generation house, the children soldered an electric circuit made from a battery, switch and lamp and sewed and crocheted a small first aid bag for emergency gummy bears. "Good hand-eye coordination is essential for working with your hands," explains Dawn Shenton-Schenk, Head of the Brose Kids Club Coburg, "so the speed stacking station was a real highlight. There, cups had to be arranged in small stacks as quickly as possible using skill and speed. The volunteer in charge of the station celebrated her ninetieth birthday last week and impressed us all with her dexterity," said an enthusiastic Shenton-Schenk.

Brose has been collaborating with the Coburg multi-generation house since 2016, supporting the work of the AWO facilities at Oberer Bürglass in the city center and the new meeting point in the Ketschendorf district, which was established in 2023. Employees and volunteers offer activities there for people of all ages to promote intergenerational exchange and strengthen the neighborhood network.

And last Wednesday also showed how valuable intergenerational interaction is. The volunteers were delighted to pass on their knowledge and experience to the children, who learn and benefit from it.