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CAT Racing: First electric racing car from Coburg University of Applied Sciences

C-24e Colocolo: Coburgs first E-racingcar.

Coburg, 05-24-2024

Last Friday, the Formula Student Team of Coburg University of Applied Sciences, CAT Racing, presented its new racing car. The students' first vehicle to be powered by electric motors is called the C-24e Colocolo.

The Coburg team was founded in 2007 by 20 students from the university. The first participation in an international Formula Student competition followed in 2008. Since then, the student team has independently designed and built a racing car every year to compete against teams from other universities in the global Formula Student competitions. Almost every component is designed independently, a cost plan is drawn up and monitored and a marketing concept is developed.

The C-24 Colocolo marks a milestone in the history of Coburg. For the first time, the car is electrically powered. This turning point presented the students with a number of challenges, as team leader Heidi Daouk explains in her presentation: "This year, we were unable to draw on existing expertise and had to start from scratch with many components. This made the support of the university and our sponsors all the more important". For example, a special high-voltage workstation had to be set up at the university and employees and students had to complete appropriate training courses before work could begin on the batteries.

CAT Classics: Former team members take care for the cars of previous seasons.

Brose has been supporting the team since it was founded in 2007. In addition to financial support, the students also receive help in the form of benefits in kind or advice. Not surprisingly, several Brose employees were themselves members of CAT during their studies and are happy to provide advice and support today. The strong team spirit is also demonstrated by the CAT-Classics association, founded in 2016, in which former members have joined forces to support the students of the university and take care of the preservation of the vehicles of past years.