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Brose donates €20,000 to Coburg’s Caritas Hospice

Brose supports the work of the Coburg hospice with €20,000 (from left to right): Hermann Beckering (Coburg Caritas Association), Norbert Hartz (Coburg Caritas Association), Steffen Tauss (Brose Group) and Simone Lahl (Caritas Hospice in Coburg).

Coburg, 01-10-2019

“It’s not about adding more days to life, but adding more life to days.” That statement by the founder of the modern hospice movement and palliative care, Cicely Saunders, has guided the Caritas Hospice in Coburg for the last six months. Brose is supporting its work with a donation of €20,000. During a visit there, Steffen Tauss, Manager Social & Health Care, presented the check to the Director of the Coburg Caritas Hospice, Simone Lahl, the Chairman of Coburg Caritas Association, Hermann Beckering, and the Managing Director of Coburg Caritas Association, Norbert Hartz.

Coburg Hospice takes in people with an incurable illness and a limited time to live. Their stay there is free of charge. Specially trained staff care for and accompany the residents, for whom there is no further treatment for their illness. The objective is to make their final days, weeks or months as pleasant and free from discomfort as possible. “We deliberately do not call our residents patients, but guests. They should feel at home here as far as possible,” explained the hospice’s director Simone Lahl. Employees of the Coburg hospice help the guests, for example by talking with them, giving them aromatherapy massages or bringing them their favorite drink in the evening. The guests’ individual wishes and needs are the focus of their work.