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Cup exit in Munich: medi bayreuth loses to overpowering Bavarians in Cup quarterfinals

Munich, 12-04-2022

The result came as little surprise. In the quarterfinals of the Magenta Sport BBL Cup, medi bayreuth said goodbye to the competition on Sunday evening. They ultimately drew the short straw with 63:80, but managed to win the first and third quarters of the game.

It was up to Jackson Rowe to open the scoring in the game between FC Bayern München Basketball and medi bayreuth with a successful three-point shot. However, the Magenta Sport BBL Cup quarterfinal was not characterized by effective offense in the first part of the game. At first, medi still created promising throws, but as the game wore on, the Bayreuth team hardly found a way to the basket. However, since FC Bayern München Basketball was not blessed with shooting luck in the first quarter and could only score one success from the field after ten minutes played, medi kept the upper hand and managed to win the first quarter 14:13.

The second quarter was only a few seconds old when Nick Weiler-Babb took the lead for the first time on Bavaria's side. From then on, the Bavarian team went on a 7:0 run, which Jackson Rowe was able to stop for a short time, but medi bayreuth's defense, which had been praised so much until then, almost completely collapsed and allowed the EuroLeague participants one effective throw after the other. What Head Coach Andrea Trinchieri's team had failed to do in the first game session, they now did extremely effectively, so that they absolutely dominated medi both defensively and offensively and were leading 47:30 after twenty minutes.

After the change of ends, medi's defense was more energetic again, from which the Bavarians gradually let themselves be impressed, so that Head Coach Andrea Trinchieri asked his men for a timeout after a good four minutes in the third quarter. Here, the Italian found clear words that made his team work more concentrated again.

The deficits under the basket, the often poor teamwork and the deficit from the second quarter were ultimately too high for medi to be able to pose a threat again. Although they were able to reduce the deficit to less than ten points, the Bavarians were not deterred by this and entered the semifinals of the Magenta Sport BBL Cup with an 80:63 victory.

Lars Masell (Head Coach medi bayreuth): "Congratulations to FC Bayern, the whole team and the coaching staff for the deserved victory. Our problem today was rebounding and also scoring against the physicality of Bayern. We need more players here who are aggressive against this defense. Defensively, we actually did a pretty good job - except for the second quarter. We tried something once today, but Bayern also hit difficult throws and punished our mistakes. The victory is well deserved, but no reason for us to hang our heads."

The game schedule does not get easier for medi bayreuth. Next Saturday, our guys have to play the reigning German champions, ALBA BERLIN, at the Mercedes Benz Arena. Jump on the 9th matchday is at 20:30.