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Dinkel/Fürst fast at the ADAC 3-Städte-Rallye until their retirement

Freyung, 10-19-2019

Although the Brose Rallye Team Dominik Dinkel / Christina Fürst at the "56. ADAC Knaus Tabbert 3-Städte-Rallye" initially was completely busy with a suitable setup for their new Skoda Fabia R5 evo, they were among the fastest teams from the beginning, were on a safe third place overall until the retirement on special stage (SS) 7, had chances for improvement.

"The current evo version of the Skoda Fabia R5 differs significantly in some aspects from its predecessor, with which we drove from the 2016 3-City Rally to the end of the 2018 season. In principle, everything is new for us, the car as well as the team of the Eurosol Racing Team. A short test and the shakedown were therefore just too short to perfectly tune the car for the new special stages," says 26-year-old driver Dominik Dinkel. Even more he and his co-driver Christina Fürst (32/Tiefenbach near Passau) are amazed at the times achieved, which are always within the range of the fastest four. At the 13.72 kilometres of special stage Klafferstraß 1 less than a second is missing to the best time. "We were still a long way from really using the potential of our Brose Skoda," explains Dominik Dinkel. During the first loop over the three Saturday special stages understeering sets in. The committed Eurosol Racing Team is looking to remedy this situation by installing other differentials in the upcoming service. But this is no longer an issue. In the Röhrnbach special stage Dominik Dinkel takes a moment too long to get into the Skoda technology and therefore does not immediately implement Christina Fürst's announcement, breaking for the following left turn too late on the fast downhill section. For a moment he tries to push the Fabia into the corner, but immediately notices that it doesn't work out. To prevent a lateral impact into the forest, he brakes fully and opens the steering. The Skoda descends straight ahead, falls two spruces and gets stuck between other trees. Dominik Dinkel speaks openly and sympathetically about the incident: "I simply wasn't 100 percent concentrated for a moment, the incident is on my own! Two things are important to him: "That nobody was hurt and I know the cause of the accident". His last misadventure was in mid-2016, and since then he and Christina Fürst have completed almost 5000 special stage kilometres without any problems of this kind.

"We are extremely sorry that this time we were unable to return the trust that our sponsor Michael Stoschek, our sponsor partners and our friends placed in us. Even more we would like to thank them all for their great support," Dominik Dinkel and Christina Fürst said in their closing statement after the 3-Städte-Rallye 2019.