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Fifth win in a row in Munich: BBC Coburg fights off away victory at young Bavarians

Munich, 12-11-2022

The fifth victory in a row earned the BBC Coburg on the evening of the third Advent in the Bavarian capital. In the BARMER 2nd Basketball Bundesliga ProB, the Vestädter won at FC Bayern Basketball II with 66:71. After a strong first half, the Upper Franconians wobbled especially in the third quarter. Led by a strong Joaquin Carrasco, who was the most effective player in the Audi Dome with 18 points, twelve assists and seven rebounds, Coburg's basketballers finally fought their way to the away win.

For Blunt, Petkovic moved into the starting five and made his debut in the starting lineup. In addition, BBC coach Jessie Miller sent her captain Sven Lorber, Milan Suput, Jannis Sonnefeld and Joaquin Carrasco from the start. But the young Bavarians also had to do without some top-class players like Mo Sillah or Ivan Kharchenkov due to injuries.

Milan Suput quickly inserted himself into the offensive game of his team and scored the first five points for the BBC. After Suput scored again on a pass from Carrasco, it was 14:8 from the visitors' point of view and Bayern coach Mitic interrupted the game for the first time with a timeout. Until the end of the first quarter, free throw shooting remained the only shortcoming in the BBC's game. Only one of five attempts found its way into the goal. The score was 15:22 going into the second period.

Adrian Petkovic scored from downtown and increased the lead for the Upper Franconians. Subsequently, the BBC managed to extend the lead to 20:33. Munich, however, did not let up and stayed in the game with points from Agyepong and Anigbata. Louis Wulff also scored from outside for the young Bavarians, bringing the score to 35:41 from the home side's point of view. At the end of the first half, the match became a bit more disjointed, the misses and ball losses increased. With ten points and seven assists in the first half from BBC set-up man Carrasco alone, the Coburg team kept the upper hand and at 36:43 it went into the break.

For the Vestädter it did not run now at all. After the Munich team took the lead through a free throw by Blank, all the BBC's dams broke. Three attack attempts each ended with a turnover. Only Sonnefeld was able to end his team's negative streak with a basket just before the clock ran out. With eight Coburg ball losses and only twelve points in the third quarter, the Bavarians took a 59:55 lead into the final period.

Both teams now struggled to make the most of their chances. Things went a little better for the BBC at first. After a fast break, Pekovic gave the Coburg team a 61:59 lead. The Munich answer was not long in coming. The two strongest Bavarians Anigbata and Wulff turned the tables again. In a hot final phase, Carrasco put the BBC ahead again with four points in a row after an interim five-point deficit. One minute before the end Lorber kept his nerve and extended the lead to 66:69. In the final attack, Licina failed to force overtime for the young Bavarians with a three-pointer.